Cyber Security | why it is important, its rules and types

In this post you will get complete information about Cyber ​​Security like what is Cyber ​​Security and why it is important.

The term Cyber ​​Security refers to security on the Internet, that is, when you use the Internet, your important data, device, software, network and your identity are at risk of being stolen, misused or hacked on the Internet.

In such a situation, many layers of security are created by Cyber ​​Security devices, software and processes, so that wrong activities on the Internet can be prevented and user data can be kept safe.

Why is Cyber ​​Security Important? Need Of Cyber ​​Security

The level at which the Internet is being used all over the world, and the number of Internet users is also increasing continuously, so it becomes very important to pay attention to the security of Internet users, so here But when it comes to Cyber ​​Security.

In today’s time, every work is being done on the Internet, whether it is the work of a government or private company or the personal data of a mobile Internet user, that is, all types of data are exchanged on the Internet in some form or the other. Used to be.

Users’ devices such as computers, servers, laptops, mobile phones or all other types of smart devices are also connected on the Internet, due to which the security of data is also increasing at risk.

Today, where there are continuous attempts to Fraud, Hacking and Data Leak on the Internet every day, all these activities are monitored by Cyber ​​Security, and a security cover is provided, so that Cyber ​​Attacks happen on the Internet. can be stopped.

Types of Cyber ​​Security

There are many different layers of cyber security, by which a network is provided maximum security, using both hardware devices and software.

Network & Gateway Security: – It can be called the first layer of the network, by which the incoming and outgoing traffic of the network is controlled, and Threats and Attacks coming in the network are prevented. Firewall Device is mainly used in this.

Application Security: – The development and installation phase of all the applications used in the network are taken into account, so that there should not be any shortcoming in them. If an application also needs to be installed on the network, it goes through a security process, in which password is mandatory for its installation and limited user rights are imposed.

Network Access Control (NAC): – It is a very secure process to connect to the network, in which policies are made according to the users and their network related rights are limited.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): – By this process the security of the data is enhanced, in which there is no risk of data theft or leaking, that is, the data is completely encoded.

Email Security: – Email security tools such as Spam Filters hardware or software are used to prevent threats from email.

Antivirus & Anti Spyware Software: – The most important protection in network security is that of the computer, for which it is very important to have antivirus software in the computer, so that the damage caused by the virus can be prevented.

Along with all these security layers, an Internet user is also required to follow certain rules at his level, such as using strong passwords and not opening unknown email attachments.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Types of Cyber ​​Attacks

Malware – Malware includes all types of malicious software, such as Spyware, Ransomware, Virus and Worms, most of the main sources of such threats in a computer or network are Links and Email Attachments. In which if a user clicks, then the software or script gets run, after which the user loses control of the computer and all the services related to the network are blocked and the spyware starts transmitting the data.

Phishing: – In this, emails are sent to the users in the name of reputable institutions, and personal information is sought, such as important information related to debit card and credit card etc. and it has become a common thing these days.

Man In The Middle (MitM): – In MitM Attack, the communication between any two people is tampered with by the Attacker, that is, the communication between the two is controlled by the Attacker, which the User has no idea. remains, and all the necessary information reaches the attacker.

Zero-Day: – In this, the loopholes of any software are targeted by the hacker, whose software publisher has no idea, and the software is completely tampered with by the hacker even before the publisher removes the recovery patch. .

Apart from all these cyber security attacks, there are many types of Threats, which can harm the Internet user.

Advantages of Cyber ​​Security | Benefits Of Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​security has many advantages, by which the network can be protected from external threats coming from the Internet at every level, so that a common user can do his work safely on the network and the Internet.

Some of the main advantages of cyber security are as follows.

The damage caused by Malware can be avoided, in which there is a risk of all kinds of Threats, such as Virus, Spyware, Worm, Ransomware, Adware and many more which can threaten the data and device.

Data is protected, thereby reducing the risk of important data being leaked or stolen.

Security is provided to the network, so that unwanted access can be prevented from entering the network.

Along with external security, restrictions can also be imposed on network users, which can curb unwanted activities.


Friends, how many types of cyber attacks you can have, and how a network can be protected from such threats, for which the option of every level of network security is also available.

To stay safe on the Internet, along with all the security devices and applications, it also depends on the user’s functionality, that is, an End User should also take every small step from the point of view of security while working on the Internet, which can threaten Cyber ​​Security. Is.

We hope this post has given you information about what is Cyber ​​Security, so friends, if you have found the information informative, then share it with others. Thank you.

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