Google Pixel 6a Review

Google Pixel 6a Review :

Google Pixel 6a was discontinued at the Google I/O event on Thursday. With the reported bank account. Collaborates with 6.1 inch hair nourishment. Movie 12.2- In 24 hours it behaves as claimed. Google promises that the Pixel 6a will also be interviewed for at least five years.

Google Pixel 6a Price, Availability

The Google Pixel 6a is priced at $449 (US$34,750). The weather turned bad and will be ready for pre-booking from 21st November. The company is yet to announce the Google Pixel 6a price in India and the announcement.

Google Pixel 6a Review
Google Pixel 6a Review

Google pixel 6a specification

The Google Pixel 6a is good with Android 12 and Movie 6.1- an OLED display with 20:9 surrounding beast. Postalation implements Postal Messaging 3 security and 60Hz Freeze. It emails the seller like Tata-core Google Tensia SoC and Titan M2 ready and solves the movie 6GB LPDDR5.

When it comes to photos, there’s the Google Pixel 6a. For chat and chat, the 6A has an 8-inch chat-facing camera. The camera is suitable for charging 4K videos at 30fps, with the camera capable of 1080p video playback at 30fps.

The Google Pixel 6a has 128GB of in-thing conversation. Has 5G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6e, 5.2 and Type-C requirements. Updates on board include in-display Spot Light, Ant’s Battery, Bare 3, Yuve Prot, Plant Light and Toxi Light. Google has called a 4,306mAh phone in the Pixel 6a, which works fast.

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