Hostinger Review 2022

Hostinger Review 2022 :

Hostinger is an employee-owned hosting company. It was created in 2004 and now has more than 29 million users in 178 countries.

It uses cloud hosting technology and offers MySQL, FTP and PHP hosting. Hostinger is the parent company of 000Webhost, Niagahoster and Weblink.

All plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 support, and a robust control panel.

According to our test labels, the performance is correct:

Uptime: 99.78%
Response time: 1610ms
WordPress processing time: 267 ms.

Three main considerations
speed and reliability

Most site owners lose money if their site goes down or someone leaves their site due to moderation. At least the web provider should be able to provide 99.95% uptime and page load times of less than 1 second.

We test Hostinger monthly without compromise for speed and quality, using a simple WordPress site as a guide.

Uptime is a bit disappointing so far. But it’s extremely fast. Below are the performance details.

  • July 2019 average uptime: 99.94% average load speed: 881 ms
  • Aug 2019 average uptime: 99.90% average load speed: 823 ms
  • Sep 2019 average uptime: 100.00% average load speed: 858 ms
  • Oct 2019 average uptime: 99.97% average load speed: 1,199 ms
  • Nov 2019 average uptime: 99.95% average load speed: 1,526 ms
  • Dec 2019 average uptime: 99.97% average load speed: 736 ms
  • Jan 2020 average uptime: 99.98% average load speed: 775 ms
  • Feb 2020 average uptime: 99.99% average load speed: 838 ms
  • Mar 2020 average uptime: 99.98% average load speed: 882 ms
  • Apr 2020 average uptime: 100.00% average load speed: 800 ms
  • May 2020 average uptime: 99.96% average load speed: 789 ms
  • June 2020 average uptime: 99.97% average load speed: 873 ms
  • July 2020 average uptime: 99.55% average load speed: 2,537 ms
  • Aug 2020 average uptime: 99.07% average load speed: 3,383 ms
  • Sep 2020 average uptime: 99.85% average load speed: 3,099 ms
  • Oct 2020 average uptime: 99.83% average load speed: 3,661 ms
  • Nov 2020 average uptime: 98.22% average load speed: 1,929 ms
  • Dec 2020 average uptime: 99.96% average load speed: 868 ms
  • Jan 2021 average uptime: 99.99% average load speed: 1,630 ms
  • Feb 2021 average uptime: 99.99% average load speed: 2,455 ms
  • Mar 2021 average uptime: 100.00% average load speed: 2,535 ms
  • April 2021 average uptime: 99.75% average load speed: 2,393 ms
  • May 2021 average uptime: 99.96% average load speed: 1,583 ms
  • June 2021 average uptime: 100.00% average load speed: 850 ms
  • July 2021 average uptime: 99.97% average load speed: 818 ms

Quick Overview

July 2019 Thru July 2021

Average Page Speed1,610 ms
Average Render Time264 ms
Average Uptime99.78% 120 minutes over 16 outages
Average Security Threats5 attempts
Support24/7 – no email or phone support
AppsWordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Drupal
FeaturesUnmetered bandwidth and storage, email accounts, free domain 1st year
Plans100GB bandwidth, 10GB storage, website builder, 1 email account
TransferSingle Free Site Transfer
PricingStarting at $0.80/mo (renews at $7.99/mo)

Support quality

I like the variety of options Hostinger has for getting help. Their online knowledge base is internal and external and easy to use. Contact your support provider You can use access, toll-free numbers, or open a support ticket.

For me, the quickest way to measure the quality of support is by chatting with your representative. And ask a simple question that most data center operators should know:

“Which version of RHEL or CentOS is my site running?”

Hostinger Review 2022
Hostinger Review 2022

Suitable for beginners The user interface is very impressive and allows you to browse the knowledge base while you wait.

bat it took me 13 minutes to reach a rep. Tautvydas took two minutes to answer some of my questions.

Then after four minutes it will return to the knowledge base. At this point, I decided to thank the agency and stop wasting time.

Note that this hosting company is very cheap. So you get almost what you pay for. The representative did not answer all questions. But to be fair, the knowledge base is impressive. and user interface.


Hostinger is probably the cheapest web hosting company at $0.99 per month. Note that you’ll still have to pay $8.99 per year for the domain name, as the cheapest option doesn’t have a free domain name.

Considering all the good stuff, it’s a good value.

Remember, these prices are for the initial 4 years of service. The 12-month price is slightly higher. In fact, you can choose between four years, two years, one year, and monthly.

Note that these fees are provided in advance for a limited time. And provide returns for all purchases within thirty days.

Available Plans, prices and details
Single Plan

Hostinger’s single plan, starting at $0.99 per month, is a great plan because it has pretty much everything you need to create a website. Note that you must pay for the domain name. You can register a domain with Hostinger for $8.9 per year, or use your own domain registrar.

Premium Plan and Business Plan

Both Premium and Business plans come with free domain registration and unlimited MySQL databases.

The main difference between the Premium and Business plans is the free SSL certificate and daily backups for the Business plan. Otherwise, it adds space and speed.

Business Plan

Business plans start at $4.09 per month. It has the same features as the Single and Premium plans with a free business email account. Easy-to-use website builder with 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 support and a powerful control panel.

The biggest advantage is that you will have more memory and processing power than any other hosting website.

The biggest advantage is that you will have more memory and processing power than any other hosting website.

Plan Feature Comparison

Hostinger Review 2022
Hostinger Review 2022

Plan Features

  • Domain Included: Not a single plan but one domain costs $8.99 per year.
  • The installation process is simple – fill out a simple two-page registration form. This form will give you the option to install WordPress at the same time.
  • Admin Panel Experience: The control panel is very clean and easy to use. Site administration using cPanel.
  • Third-Party App Support – One-click integration with Mojo Marketplace for installing popular scripts like WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, and more.
  • Server Information: Linux CentOS 6, PHP 7, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 10
  • Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex and PayPal.
  • Fees and Concerns: Domain names are non-refundable. Domain and hosting renewal fees are increasing.
  • Add-on sales: Some add-on sales. But this is normal in the web hosting industry. so don’t worry

Other Plans

Hostinger offers VPS hosting and cloud hosting.

Do we recommend Hostinger?

Yes, we recommend Hostinger as a hosting provider. They have beginner-friendly features.

Out of the box, $0.99 a month isn’t bad considering everything it comes with: 00GB bandwidth, 10GB storage, a website builder, and 1 email account, not to mention a free domain name for a year. and free site transfer

However, $0.99/mo must be locked for 48 months and renew at $7.99/mo. Another thing worth mentioning is that Hostinger doesn’t have cPanel, they have their own version which is easier to use. If you’ve ever used cPanel, you’ve probably found it. It’s stressful

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