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Hotel Management Courses :

Hello friends, if you want to know more about hotel management course, like hotel management course, how is it done, what qualification is needed, what will be your professional profile after taking the course, how much you will get in salary , etc. .

Therefore, we have tried to answer all these questions in this article, so please read the entire article so that you can answer all your questions. Often after class 12, there is a lot of uncertainty in the minds of students about their careers, because this is the time after the end of class when students have to decide on their career, they have to decide in which field and in which direction they are going. have to go, in which direction they have to prepare.

While many students usually simply want to pursue a postgraduate degree, a large number of students prefer management courses, wanting to gain technical and professional learning in addition to a postgraduate degree. So, for students looking for a professional career, the Hospitality Management (HM) course can prove to be an excellent career option.

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries today, which has immense potential for success, it is a service industry, which includes many businesses such as tourism, food, drinks, accommodation, hotels, restaurants, etc. in the world come to India, under Make in India, more and more companies in the world want to set foot in India, and when it comes to tourism, India has its own identity in this field, which is the most important in the world. It attracts tourists to see and feel the natural, cultural and historical heritage here.

So, looking at the future of tourism in India, nowadays all international hotel chains want to register their presence in India, so think about how many opportunities are available in the hospitality industry, and if so, if you are considering to do hotel management. Of course, this could be a good career for you, so let us know in detail, What is hotel management course .

What is hotel management

Hotel management is the field of hospitality, which includes operation, administration, provision of food, catering, guest accommodation services, etc. This includes meeting new customers, interacting with them and providing them with all the facilities they need. . Therefore, if you are also looking for an exciting career, with new challenges, taking a hotel management course will be ideal for you.

As in any other industry, hospitality also has several departments of management, operation, hotel services and hotel maintenance, each department being headed by a manager, and most importantly the manager there is one or more general managers. only that. Thus, all these departments have one mantra, which is proper hotel management and providing the best service to all customers who visit the hotel.

Thus, all the students who take the hotel management course are given complete information about the hotel, they are informed about each department of the hotel, they are given information about them, and various types of training are given to the staff of the hotel. ‘hotel. students. Work opportunities in the departments are also offered, so that students can discover how the hotel works.

What is hotel management course

(HM) The Hotel Management course is taken by students who intend to pursue a career in the field of hospitality (hotel, resort, tourism) etc.

Although there are no specific criteria for taking a hotel management course after 10+2, but to gain admission to a good university, the student must have at least 50% marks in 10+2. In this course, students are trained to work in the hospitality industry, receive theoretical and practical knowledge about the different departments of the hotel, such as kitchen, catering services, cleaning, reception, etc. Taught and explained correctly.

In order for the students to understand how the hotel works, the students are also oriented towards an industrial training in the middle of the course, which can be from 3 to 6 months depending on the different institutes, and this training takes place twice in three years. . During industrial training, the company also offers a scholarship to students.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management which is taken after 10+2, is also called UG course, this course lasts 3 years if taken in government approved institutions and up to 4 years if taken in institutions private. In addition to an undergraduate degree, you can also pursue a career in the hospitality industry by taking a 6-month or 1-year degree, which is very popular these days.

To take the course of recognized and government-recognized hotel management institutes, you must first pass an entrance exam. Thousands of students from across the country take this exam, in which your university is chosen based on your ranking. After completing a 3-year HM course, you obtain a postgraduate degree, after which you can continue your studies if you wish.

There is usually a doubt in people’s mind that after taking a hotel management course, they can work alone in a hotel. So let us tell you that is absolutely wrong, you can work in all sectors, today hospitality professionals are needed in all multinational companies, whether in the IT sector, in the medical sector , in the education sector, in the shipping or aviation sector. There is equal demand for hospitality professionals everywhere.

So, after completing the hotel management course, you have the right to get a job not only in the hotel, but in all these sectors. What is Hotel Management Course Once you know this, please let us know the Hotel Management Job Profile.

What will be the job profile (Hotel Management Course)

When a student follows a course in hotel management, he receives information about all the departments of the hotel industry, then it is up to the student to decide which department he is interested in, in which department he intends to pursue a career. . Many students opt for cleaning, many prefer to work in the kitchen, many of these students, who have good communication skills, value hospitality work, so what will be your professional profile after taking the course? It depends on you.

List of Hotel Management Degree Courses

Following are the hotel management courses that you can do after 12th.

  • Bachelor Of Hotel Management (BHM) (3year)
  • Bachelor In Hotel Management And Catering Technology (BHMCT) (3year)
  • BSc In Hospitality And Hotel Administration (3year)
  • BA In Hotel Management (3year)
  • BBA In Hospitality, Travel & Tourism (3year)
  • BBA In Hotel Management (3year)
  • Diploma In Hotel Management (3year)

Hotel Management Diploma Course List

Following are the Hotel Management Diploma Courses that you can do after 10th.

  • Diploma In Hotel Management
  • Diploma In Hotel And Hospitality Management
  • Diploma In Hotel Management And Catering Technology
  • Diploma In Front Office Operations
  • Diploma In Food And Beverage Service
  • Diploma In Food And Catering Technology

Best hotel management colleges in india

List of best Hotel Management Colleges in India

  • Institute Of Hotel Management (IHM) Pusa¬†
  • Institute Of Hotel Management (IHM) Mumbai
  • Institute Of Hotel Management (IHM) Bangalore
  • Taj Institute Of Hotel Management¬†
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute Of Hotel Management And Catering Technology
  • SRM Institute Of Hotel Management
  • GGSIPU, Delhi
  • Chandigarh University
  • Amity University
  • International Institute Of Hotel Management
  • University Of Calicut

Among all the universities listed, HMIs are the top choice for students, of which the top 3 HMIs are given above. If you take a hotel management course in these mentioned universities, you can easily get an internship in a reputed institute after completing the course.

What is the fee for hotel management course

Speaking of hotel management course fees, if you take a UG course in hotel management at a government-approved university, it costs around Rs 80,000 per year, while if you take a course at a reputable private university, it costs Rs 1,000,000 Climb annually.

What will be the salary after the course

Before taking a course, this question definitely arises in the minds of the students: what salary will they receive after completing the course. So, let’s say here that, like in any other industry, experience prevails in the hospitality industry, that is, the more you work, the more your experience increases and with it, both your position and your salary increase.

So, the starting salary in the hospitality industry ranges from 15,000 to 20,000, and if you are in after-sales service, you also earn a little extra income. As for the salary increase, it continues to increase over time and according to your experience.


My friends, you know what hotel management is, what is a hotel management course, what qualifications are needed to take this course and you also understand other aspects of hotel management. We hope that after reading this article, you will have the answers to all your questions, and if you still have any questions related to this article, you can ask them to us by going to the comment section below.

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