How do you make money on youtube

Make money on youtube :

Obviously, making money on YouTube starts with high-quality videos. But most beginners have trouble making videos.

But I found a way to download unlimited high-quality inspirational videos from YouTube for only $5! Keep reading and learn how to make money with YouTube at home.

This is a subscription to the channel I found. In the process of finding how to make money on YouTube,

I can assure you that these are high-quality videos made by Ben Lionel Scott, but you still need some basic knowledge to make money on YouTube because more is just downloading videos.

It also includes keyword density and location and video descriptions on how to make money on YouTube. And the density and location of keywords. Am I a YouTube or Dotcom millionaire? not yet!

But I am a research addict and a professional knowledge hunter. Do you see that the blog is being shared and inspiring? It’s great to find Ben Lionel Scott’s YouTube channel, but having high-quality videos is only part of making money on YouTube.

Money on YouTube with Keyword Placement.

The basic principle of keyword placement is very similar to that of blogs. So if you have some SEO blogging experience, that’s great.

As for the title of the video? Try to target keywords or search phrases as close as possible to the beginning of the video title.

But in the context of the title, phrase, or phrase, put an exclamation mark on similar SEO blogs and SEO-friendly content.

Always focus your keywords in the first few sentences of the paragraph. This is how you make money on YouTube through keyword placement.

Make money through other social media options
Just like in a blog, you fill in the description with the keywords you want to rank for. But it also uses a tool called LSI Graph to include LSI keywords on how to make money on YouTube.

Help search engines understand your content.

LSI keywords are similar to keyword phrases. But they are not synonyms for target keywords. LSI keywords are not synonyms, so it is easy to get confused.

Use keywords like “execute”, so “running” is a synonym, and “running shoes” can be an LSI search phrase.

Money on YouTube with Video Descriptions

Video descriptions and video tags on how to make money on YouTube, they are the most important.

The video description allows 5000 characters, you can use it at your discretion. However, the 500 characters allowed for video tags have a recommended minimum usage.

The video tag must contain at least 250 of the 500 characters, which is less than the number of characters that will affect the video’s SEO. To use the best video tags and help them optimize YouTube videos,

you can check out two Chrome extensions: Tube Buddy and VidIQ.

Both tools have free and paid options. Once started, the free option will work normally. But the decision is entirely up to you.

Obviously, the paid version comes with additional benefits. These are the basic tools for making money on YouTube.

Finally, when describing your video, add subtitles to your video and help search engines understand the content of your video.

Sell digital products with YouTube videos

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money on YouTube. But let’s focus on affiliate marketing. Determine what your affiliate network is.

Then use the product that matches your characteristics in the video description.A place where you sell other people’s digital products and earn commissions.

Are they the best affiliate network? Clickbank, maximum bounty and stock sales

However, with Max Bounty, you need some experience. Because they like experienced affiliate marketers who have already generated sales online. But for Clickbank and Share A Sale,

you don’t need any requirements or experience, Clickbank pays up to 75% commission for each sale!

How to make money on YouTube through affiliate marketing depends on the popularity of the product, and with Clickbank,

you also need to pay attention to the seriousness of the product. High intensity (100 and above) means popular products that are in high demand.

In the case of low gravity (below 50), this means that the product has not yet become popular. But there may be less competition.

Therefore, if you are just starting to make money on YouTube, you may want to consider low-gravity products.

Designing Attractive Video Thumbnails With Canva

Demos are important to understand how to make money on YouTube and through demos. I mean the video thumbnail. But there are some considerations about image text.

The image text in the center of the image is always emphasized. This is because video thumbnails appear in mobile search results. At the same time slightly crop the images on both sides

When is the text in the image placed close to the sides?

Then you can cut your text explicitly, which should be part of the visual presentation, and your “text” must be responsive and provide a solution. If there are no sales, posting is a way to make money on YouTube.

The trick is to stimulate curiosity.

In another blog post entitled “The Art of Writing, the Design of Curiosity”, the establishment of curiosity is discussed because it is a story of its own.

Especially the image design whether it is a video thumbnail or a featured post image. The regular text for placing images is similar.

For example, the image of a river gives a sense of calm. And lightning can create a sense of surprise or urgency.

But you have all the images you want in Canva, and all images are copyright-free. So no one can claim copyright.

Unlimited access to inspirational videos and audio

Here are some of the best videos and video designs I’ve seen on how to make money on YouTube. And it only costs $5 a month? Ben Lionel Scott really revealed.Even video subtitles will be automatically added in English (automatic), and the video already has a title.

You may want to work in your own name.There are new Ben Lionel Scott videos every week, and subscribing to his YouTube channel will help him keep downloading videos.

I have used some of these videos.He visited more in the first hour. Many other videos of my last month!However, I suggest you connect the video channel with inspiration. Because these videos are particularly inspiring. They also have famous actors and motivational speakers.

Now you have a few excuses to be successful online

Please, do not do that! Likewise, don’t take this opportunity to flood your channel and profile with videos. This is how you don’t make money on YouTube and don’t just focus on YouTube.

Because these high-quality videos are accepted as MP3 files on social media.Remember, websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter are all ready for the video revolution. But why do you want to know if you can use these high-quality videos?

Because every video has a final screen with detailed information about the creator of the video. Provide you with video content credits.This brings us to the end of the process of making money on YouTube.

If you like the content, please leave a comment and start a conversation, because when you make money online, you can always learn from each other. Because no one knows everything

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