How save money on groceries 2021

How save money on groceries : 25 Best Way to Save Money on Groceries

How save money on groceries
How save money on groceries

Reducing excess fat from your budget is easier than you think. Even if you have little control over mortgages or property taxes. But you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on groceries each year. Utility bills Health and beauty products.

The cost of returning to school, a new car or a new computer. Home decorations, etc., cell phone bills, dental and eye care, oil, insurance, bank charges. Prescription etc. This article will teach you 25 Best Way to Save Money on Groceries.

  1. Combine manufacturer coupons with advertising promotions. If your grocery store doubles the coupons, up to 99 cents, then including them in weekly deals will save even more money.

Below is an example:

Assuming a regular 6-ounce, branded yogurt is 75 cents in size and 50 cents in price, saving 25 cents per cup.

You get 4 coupons from the manufacturer, and each coupon can get a 40-cent discount for buying 4 cups of yogurt. Suppose you purchased 16 cups and used all 4 coupons.

At the normal price, you will pay $12.00 for 16 cups of yogurt (16 x 75¢ = $12.00) and enjoy a weekly discount of 25 cents on yogurt. Buy 16 cups (25 cents x 16) and save $4. = 4.00 USD)

Then your grocery store doubles the coupon from 40 cents to 80 cents. Now you can save an additional $3.20 (4 x 80 = $3.20).

The total savings from using weekly coupons and two-person coupons is $7.20 ($4.00 + $3.20).

  1. The average American household loses about 500 US dollars in food every year. What is the best way to reduce food waste?

First of all, be sure to check the shelf life of perishable food before buying. Despite the shelf life during home storage, perishable foods should be safe to store for several days or longer if they are properly stored in the refrigerator.

Then put the loose meat in the refrigerator without hesitation.

Finally, organize your storage room. Sometimes, perishable items may be lost in a messy pantry.

  1. If your supermarket does not have any special discount advertisements. Always request to order. Even if you have to wait a few minutes in the customer service hotline. You will feel better in the end.

4. Sometimes you can find cheap groceries and household items on the top or bottom shelves. Make it longer and save a few bucks.

5. Compare often. Consider reading at least two flyers before shopping. You might want to shop in one store and then shop in another store.

6. Go to the supermarket as soon as possible. You will find better promotions than advertised, thereby reducing the demand for rain orders. You can also reduce the time spent on paylines.

7. Join a warehouse club like Costco, because membership fees are amortized.

8. Invest in claypot rice. According to, the slow cooker “may be the best deal in the world to reduce the cost of cooking for busy families. You can add ingredients before work, stewing, and dinner. You’ll be ready when you go home. “

9. Do not buy on an empty stomach or when you feel tired. You tend to buy unneeded ready-made meals and expensive snacks. You can also skip the shopping list because you are in a hurry.

10. Instead of buying expensive wipers, it is better to buy windshield wipers. We compare prices:

Branded glass cleaners in 28-ounce sizes sell for up to $4.49 in supermarkets or pharmacies, while washing machine cleaners in 64-ounce sizes are $2.09 at

This is the difference of $8.17 plus applicable sales tax.

How save money on groceries
How save money on groceries
  1. Stay away from vending machines, because goods are often too expensive, such as 6 ounces. The price of branded yogurt from vending machines is as high as $1.50. When the same yogurt is sold in the supermarket, you only pay 40 cents.

12. Buy skinless and unskinned meat. Because they are usually cheaper per pound than boneless and skinless varieties. You can remove skin and bones at any time before freezing or cooking.

  1. Instead of expensive whitening mouthwash, consider using a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.

We checked the prices of both. In pharmacies, you can purchase a 32-ounce bottle of branded whitening mouthwash at Giant Eagle® in specialty stores for up to $7.99. ttsburgh You can buy a pack of ordinary 16-ounce hydrogen peroxide bottles for only $1.19.

14. Only use the manufacturer’s coupons when it is profitable. If you buy 15 ounces. A bottle of 99 cents branded shampoo, don’t use the $1.00 coupon to buy more expensive brands.

15. It is best to buy more toilet paper and toilet paper. It’s much cheaper than buying a roll. Why should you spend 1.19 dollars on a roll of toilet paper? When you can buy 8 rolls of toilet paper for $4.99.

16. Don’t buy frozen foods used in microwave ovens, because you will pay extra for convenience.

17. Avoid convenience stores that are open 24 hours a day. Products are often overrated.

18. Use newspapers instead of toilet paper to clean windows.

19. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ market.

20. When purchasing dairy products, select the items on the back. It is usually cooler.

21. Use rags as much as possible. This reduces the use of paper towels.

22. Make your own dressing. For example, millet sauce is a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup, and kimchi condiments. Salt and pepper.

23. Some supermarkets reward the use of their own shopping bags. Here are 8 retailers that will reward you for bringing your own luggage:

Brookshire’s : Carrying reusable shopping bags, you can save $0.05 per bag, and there is no limit on the number of bags.

Mother Earth : Bring a reusable shopping bag, you can save $0.05 per bag, and there is no limit on the number of bags.

Kroger (Ralphs, Tom Thumb, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, QFC and Fry’s)-In some locations, there are 5 refueling points per reusable bag, limited to 10 per purchase. one time

Lowe’s Foods : Carry reusable shopping bags and save $0.05 per bag, limited to 20 bags.

Reasor’s Foods : Carry reusable bags, each bag can enjoy a discount of R $ 0.06, unlimited bags.

Goal : Carry a reusable bag and save $0.05 per bag.

Trader Joe’s : Some places offer a discount of $0.05 per reusable bag.

Whole Foods : Bring a reusable bag and save $0.05 per bag.

  1. Prepare a 50/50 mix of fresh milk and milk powder for daily use.

25. Eat more cabbage. It is one of the healthiest and cheapest vegetables in the world. Make cabbage soup, coleslaw, coleslaw rolls, cabbage, etc.


Changing shopping habits and guidelines can help reduce your grocery bills and save purchase costs. Becoming a more frugal buyer will not only save you money. How save money on groceries.

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