How to learn typing | Easy way to learn Typing

how to learn typing :

Do you want to learn typing, or want to increase your typing speed, then rest assured because the information given in this post will help you a lot in learning typing and increasing your typing speed.

Coming to typing is such an art, which enhances your qualification, no matter what field you want to get a job in, typing always proves beneficial for you, because typing is demanded as an essential skill in many jobs.

Anyway, why not only a job, but on the basis of typing, you can also do your own work, whether it is the work of data entry or teaching this skill to others.

So it means to say that there are many benefits of learning typing, and if you follow these methods and rules mentioned by us, then in a very short time you will also start typing very well, so let’s now know Typing Kaise Sikhe.

Typing Kaise Sikhe | Easiest way to learn Typing

Before starting to learn typing, you have to keep this thing in your mind that typing is a very easy skill, which you can learn very quickly, just for this you have to practice every day, that too not much, just 1 hour a day. And if you do this only for 2 months, then believe me you will start typing properly and gradually your typing speed will also improve.

It’s always hard to watch someone else type faster, but it’s not that difficult, you just need to get started.

Some important things that you need to keep in mind while learning typing.

Typing Tips

how to learn typing
how to learn typing

Your Sitting Position is very important in typing, for which you should use a table and chair so that you can start typing by sitting comfortably straight.

First of all, you should know the location of your fingers in the keyboard of the computer because in typing, the location and work of every finger is fixed, that is, all your fingers are active during typing.

You have to place your fingers in the Home Row ie the middle row of the keyboard, ie ASDF and JKL, and if you look carefully at the keyboard, you will find that there is also a mark embossed to position the fingers in the F Key and J Key, The purpose of which is so that you can get an idea of ​​the exact position of your fingers on the keyboard without even looking at it.
Remember that typing is started from Home Raw (ASDF, JKL) and after typing the fingers come back to these keys.

Now you have to open MS Word or Notepad and practice only two keys on the first day, that is, keep your fingers in Home Raw, then press the key with the specified finger and bring the finger back to Home Raw .

For example, with the index finger of the right hand (Y) is to be pressed and the finger has to be brought back to (Home Raw) (J). Then press (T) with the index finger of the opposite hand and bring it back to (Home Raw) (F).
Similarly, new keys have to be practiced every day, but remember not to type with any finger, but to type with the finger fixed for that key. You can download the Finger Position Chart to know the correct position of the fingers.

You don’t have to look at the keyboard while typing, but type with your fingers on Home Raw and keep your eyes on the screen.

After practicing the above mentioned method, very soon your fingers will be set on the keys, and after some time it will automatically start going to the right key and you will start typing correctly.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to do the typing practice slowly i.e. not to practice in speed, which will increase your accuracy and once you learn and the accuracy also gets better then the speed can be increased at any time.

Now after about 15 days you can also use typing software, in which you can increase your accuracy by typing small sentences or by playing games.

If you follow these rules or tips given by us, then surely you will start typing well in a very short time.


Initially, typing can get boring and you may also feel a little pain in your fingers, because this pain is felt when the fingers are in one position for a long time, which gets better with time.

Always pay special attention to accuracy while learning typing, do not try to increase the speed because once your fingers are set on the keyboard and start moving on their own, then the speed will also start improving.

We hope, after reading this article, you must have come to know that Typing Kaise Seekh Sakte Hain, and by adopting the methods mentioned in the article, you will surely learn typing in a very short time.

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