How To Make Money with Google AdSense?

Making Money with Google AdSense :

Side jobs in supermarkets or bakeries are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and the future is online. With the increase in technology, people’s (financial) problems are increasingly transferred to the Internet. People are very creative: they have new possibilities. They found a more creative way to make money. In this way, people act on ideas. “Make money with Google Adsense”

An example of this is YouTube users who make a living by posting their videos on the Internet. Others took advantage of the fact that a lot of social interaction was conducted through Twitter and decided to make money from it. But there is another option, AdSense. You can read what it is and how to make money from it here!

What is AdSense?

You may have heard of this before. But let me explain to you first. In short, Google AdSense is one of the most convenient ways to earn extra income from your own website. All you have to do is copy the unique code to your website to display ads. Every time someone clicks on the ad, they will get money

Although Google AdSense is designed for publishers of websites and blogs, anyone who creates their own blog or website can use this option. If you work full-time or own a website in your spare time, if you know how to make money with Google AdSense, you can make a lot of extra money every month.

How does Google Adsense work to make money?

AdSense operates through a program called AdWords. This is a marketing system that allows people to pay per click and sellers can bid on specific keywords. For example, if you want to sell DIY bracelets, please bid on the keyword “bracelets.” DIY wrist”, Google will place your ad in search results. It depends on your bid

AdSense refers to the income you earn from AdWords revenue if someone clicks on your ad. You will get approximately 68% of the “clicks” and the rest will go to Google, the following applies: the more content on your site, the more sure Google can determine what your site is about. What is better? Based on this information, you can associate similar ads with your website.

However, when people hear about AdSense, they often miss how to get rich quickly and easily. In fact, making money requires a lot of effort. If you sign up for Google AdSense, there is no guarantee that you will make a lot of money!

How much can you earn through AdSense?
The amount you earn per click depends on many external factors. For example, the amount that advertisers pay to Google for related ads is influential. You will eventually receive a portion of this amount, between 0.02 and 14 euros. Note that this value is usually lower than expected.

In addition, your income depends on the number of visitors your website attracts. What do these audiences include? Ads should be tailored to the audience’s interests. If not, the chances of people clicking on your ads and the chances of making money through AdSense are much lower.

However, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate, only Google can answer the question of how much money you will make. Each advertisement requires a different amount. Each advertiser pays a different price.

But there is a game: some keywords are searched more frequently than others. So you can estimate how much you will get. For example, things like “sex” or “love to help” are often in high demand. And the more popular keywords are. The more advertisers pay, the more. As an AdSense publisher, you will earn more income.

How To Make Money with Google AdSense
How To Make Money with Google AdSense

Build your own website for AdSense

All this is very good and interesting. But, of course, you need your own website (or blog). It is important to choose a topic for your website that you are familiar with and can write (content), and you know how to report as much as possible. The more audience you attract. Your chances of making money will only increase. But how do you create your own website or blog?

1. Purchase a domain name

If you want to create your own website, the first thing to do is to buy a domain name. The domain is just the name of your You will name your website after this. Think carefully about the name you choose. After all, you want people to have a good relationship with the name, but beware: you have to pay for it every year!

2. Select the host

After purchasing the domain name, you can create an account on your web host. In fact, it is a kind of “host” that forms the basis of your website. There are some tools to continue building your website. This includes email accounts, security, databases, and support.

A good choice is WordPress. This is a very useful content management system for creating your website or blog. You can easily install it in your domain. After that, you only need to select a theme, add some text, and your website is ready to use.

3. Design your web page

The first thing your website visitors see is external attention. This is why it is very important that your website is visually appealing in the first place. Follow what you want to say. If you have more serious information, it is best to choose a business theme. On entertainment websites, interesting and happy themes should be used.

There are many types of web design software, including MAGIX Web Designer, Adobe Dreamweaver and Coffeecup. As mentioned above, WordPress is a way to create a website. But it is basically not web design software. It is a kind of software related to website management.

4. Know who your audience is

It is very important to consider whom to write to. No matter who you create a website for. So you must have a target audience. It might be helpful to imagine that a reference is a character you wrote (fictional character). Therefore, you can be confident that your message and information are consistent and that they can appeal to a specific audience. Then you will attract advertisers and ultimately make money from your website. Click here to learn more about the best service area.

5. Build awareness for your website

Of course, this makes sense: we still need to attract enough viewers to attract advertisers. Basically you have to promote your own domain name. To do this, you can put a link to your website on search engines such as Google and Bing, or make sure that other websites don’t do this. Linking to your website (which may require payment) is nothing more than a digital marketing service.

Other options include newspaper ads, word of mouth, etc. Or search the Internet for companies that can help you write news releases that blogs and news sites can absorb.

6. Sign in to AdSense

Once you have 20-30 pages on your website, you can sign up for AdSense. You can do this through the following link: If you accept, you can paste the HTML code on each page you want to promote. appea.

Tips for using AdSense successfully

  1. Make sure your website has enough “traffic”. Of course, if your website can’t attract visitors and generate engagement, you won’t make money with AdSense. This is a lot of work, don’t be careless! This also means that you publish new content on a regular basis.

2. Try different types of ads. Place text and images, use colors, etc. In short, experience the visual effects and see what works best for you. (And your audience)

3. Using good keywords sounds obvious, but using the right keywords is very important. Ultimately, it determines how much money you can make with AdSense. Find good information about low-competitive keywords. This way your website will reach the first (second) page of search results faster.

4. Think carefully about where your ad will appear. The placement of an ad on your website plays an important role in the number of ad clicks. For example, visitors will first check the title of your message to see if they can find relevant information. So put your ad at the top. (Or below), and remember: you don’t want your ad to be too prominent. You want to see it as part of your website.

5. Don’t place too many ads. It can also drive you crazy by placing too many ads on your website. So in fact this may have the opposite effect. For example, readers will think that you are posting spam and leave your website more quickly. Therefore you lose income.

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