How To Promote Your Blog 2021

How To Promote Your Blog :

How To Promote Your Blog
How To Promote Your Blog

So, you have written a great blog post for your business. And you want to share with the world, why not?, why not? Everyone should know your great product or service, right? Although this is true, let’s start with a few steps to make sure you know how to market your blog posts. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy writing blog posts and getting them. separate.

Check your blog post

Are your blog posts interesting to other people? Are you speaking clearly and in a comfortable tone?? Go quickly to your point of view and save it with relevant information?

You want your blog posts to be of interest to other people and share them on social media. So please take the time to review it critically. And make sure to correct spelling, grammar, and clarity issues in the copy. You don’t want others to misunderstand or insult your blog because there are too many mistakes.

Even better, ask professionals to proofread your blog posts and review/edit them for you. They will capture what you might not have. And your blog will look better when it is professionally proofread.

(Hint: The spell checker is not your friend. Don’t use everything, so are you. Even a reviewer needs a reviewer.)

Know your audience

Before you start writing, do some research on your audience. Who are they? What are your dreams, hopes, desires, worries, and fears? What is your problem? How to solve? How do they want you to blend in with them? Should your copywriting be informal and conversational, or more formal and educational? Create detailed customer profiles. Include what they eat for breakfast, sleep and exercise, and what recreational activities they do. First understand your audience. Then you will be rewarded.

Optimize your blog posts

You can get the best blog in the world.. But if no one finds you, how important will it be? Before publishing a blog, make sure to take all measures to optimize it to appear in search engine results. This is something to remember.

Choose long-tail keywords and use them in many places. Think about what people are typing on the search engines. Just enter your subject in the survey and check the auto-filled content. This will give you some clues about what people are looking for (hint: do this before you start writing). Of course, you can also invest in keyword research for your website and theme. This way, you won’t waste time trying to rank low-volume surveys. (Almost no one is looking for) or a highly competitive survey (you are here to compete with a large survey.)

When choosing a key phrase, remember to use it in the following places:

  • Title (H1)
  • First 100 words, first paragraph
  • At least one subtitle (H2, H3)
  • Many times
  • Call for action
  • URL (URL of the blog page)
  • Title tag (search engine results page name)
  • Meta description (description in search engine results)

Add pictures

Plan to use one to three royalty-free images in your blog posts. You only need to specify a picture as a featured picture. And add another one or two to break the length of the text. Depends on the length of your post. Choose images that can enhance your writing and increase its interest. Remember, the image may be the first thing people notice before reading your article. So make it fun.

Publish and don’t forget

Once your article is published, please be aware of any compromises. If you receive comments on your blog, please take a moment to comment again and interact with your followers. They also want to feel noticed and appreciated. Answer questions and promote continuous communication.

Learn more about marketing your blog posts

Promoting your blog is just the beginning of your marketing efforts. At Precise, we recommend that you create three different social media posts for each blog post. Optimize your posts for each channel (e.g. 280 characters or less, plus 2 2 3 hashtags for Twitter, more hashtags for Instagram) and use an image in each post.

Test and rate each social media post to see which one performs best. Grab the top performers and schedule these social media posts in the coming months (on different dates and times).

Adjust the content of the blog post

Then increase the performance of your blog posts by four times by redirecting your content. You can take more steps on social media posts to get more publicity. Here are some ideas:

  • Use the key tips from your blog to build a chart.
  • You can also make short videos with key points.
  • Record a video talking about your blog.Includes extra snacks.
  • Save the YouTube version of the blog video.
  • Save the podcast version of your blog or chat with other subject matter experts.
  • Link to other blogs related to your website to keep visitors interested.
  • Use your blog in promotional materials.
  • Add an electronic signature/signature to your blog post.
  • Add social share buttons for each blog post.
  • Use the sample email newsletter to link to your post.
  • Add your profile to your blog. Let others know who you are.
  • Use your blog to create an infographic.
  • Join a social sharing group.
  • And more social sharing network.

Analyze your competitors

Use websites and tools like Alexa, Quantcast and Semrush to analyze your competitors. See where your biggest visitors are. Check if you can get the traffic from the same source. View visitor demographics, age, education level, children, etc.

Once you have all this information, you can easily set up your blog correctly. You will know which language to use. And you no longer need to worry about how to promote your blog. Because you already know where visitors to large blogs come from.

There are many ways to promote your blog or website.. Here are just some of my favorite ways to share. Because if used properly, you will start to get good traffic within a few weeks. You can also use social media. Bookmark the website, PPV, blog comments, one-on-one announcements and many other tricks.

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