How to save money for travel

How to save money for travel : 20 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel

How to save money for travel
How to save money for travel

If you like outdoor activities, be it camping, hiking, backpacking, or relaxing in the mountains. You know you need a budget to maximize your travel. You need cash to buy fuel, food, equipment, supplies, and other necessities. And most of it is a large sum of money.

If you have a small budget, consider the following tips for saving money when traveling abroad:

1. Save when buying equipment and supplies.

If you are considering purchasing/replacement of camping equipment for your trip. Choose your buying method wisely. If you are camping alone, you don’t need a $500 luxury tent. Or a sleeping bag with all the functions you don’t use yourself. Get high-quality basic equipment and adapt to the season and weather conditions of your travel. It will provide you with what you need while saving money.

2. Choose a cheaper location

If you have a budget for your next camping adventure. Don’t choose camps that charge more than budget. Especially if you stay longer than a few nights. Consider camping in remote areas or national forests. (Unless otherwise stated, there is usually no charge), these places usually do not have many amenities. So be prepared.

3. Try to camp near you.

If you already have a camping budget, please consider choosing a good place near your home. This will save a lot of other expenses, such as gasoline and food (the farther you are from the camp, the more you can stop to eat).

4. Take public transportation

Very suitable for single campers and even couples. Taking a bus or train to an outdoor destination is an adventure and can save fuel. You will be fine and ready to enjoy outdoor activities, because you will not get tired from driving. Don’t forget to install the lights!

5. Share your expenses with your friends.

This is a great way to reduce expenses when traveling outdoors. From gasoline, food to camping, share the cost between you and your friends. The more you have in the team, the less you pay.

Follow these tips to save money when camping or traveling outdoors. how to save money for travel.

6. Cheap flights

Airfare is the most expensive part of your budget and costs the most. If you save money here, it will help you a lot. The best way to save money on tickets is to buy tickets in advance. If you plan to travel abroad, you can buy a ticket three months in advance. Now is the best time for airlines to develop the habit of changing fares at any time. Therefore, the fare should be checked regularly. You can book the flight once you find a reasonably priced flight.

7. Save money on travel exchanges

Traveling abroad means you have to exchange money, which means huge discounts. Some people like to use credit card and debit cards. you too. However, keep in mind that whenever you use your card abroad, your bank will usually charge a fee in addition to the commission. A good idea to save money is to take out a lot at a time and break it down into smaller parts. Then save money in shared places. If you missed something, it will help you. So all your money will not be put in one place, and you will not be stuck.

8. Sharing economy

When it comes to finding a place, you have many options. From hotels, inns, guest houses to local families. There are many online sites that can help you meet real people. Prepare to share their homes with you in different countries/regions. This is one of the cheapest ways to manage your accommodation.

9. Stay In Hostels

As far as accommodation is concerned, hotels are the cheapest in the world because you only need to pay for the bed instead of the entire room. The hostel offers a shared dormitory experience for 10 to 40 roommates. You have a locker to store things. Most hotels also have kitchens. Living in a dormitory is the most economical way to stay. You can also meet people from all over the world and make new friends from all over the world.

10. Cook your food

Whether you decide to live in a rented apartment or a shelter. Cooking can save money. Because buying vegetables is cheaper than buying vegetables. Buying fresh food is more hygienic than going out to make fresh and clean vegetables. There will be no chance to get sick or see a doctor. Because if you travel economically, you don’t need to spend money in a pharmacy or hospital. This is another great way to save money during your visit.

11. Eat breakfast at the hotel

If the hotel price includes breakfast, you can use it to eat a delicious breakfast and save snacks throughout the day. Eat breakfast later.

12. Buy snacks at the local grocery store

Buy fruits, French fries, bars, etc. at the local supermarket and carry them with you all day. In this way, you will not overspend on tourist attractions.

13. Eating at street vendors

Street vendors provide quality local food at reasonable prices. This is a warning story, saying that most of them have “quality” food, use common sense…If you think you will get sick, please don’t eat there. One of the best ways to judge is to watch the locals eat there. Otherwise, the voice of tourists is not far away. Better to continue.

14. Eat where the locals eat

Learn how locals live and eat in local restaurants instead of hotels. You will experience local culture and cuisine and save money because you don’t have to pay excessive hotel prices.

15. Enjoy lunch in your hotel room

We are not talking about using room service! We are talking about bringing food from the supermarket to eat in the room. Staying away from the heat and crowds of tourists can make you better!

16. Choose fast food instead of expensive restaurants

Although it may be against you. But it is still delicious and you won’t get sick. Therefore, please consider fast food as an alternative to restaurants. If you stay for a few more days, you may not be able to eat.

17. Go to the restaurant once a day

Save money and go to the restaurant once a day instead of every meal.

18. Bottled water

Purchase bottled water from a local supermarket. If the water is edible, consider using tap water. Likewise, if you do this, you won’t have to pay exorbitant travel prices.

19. Quit drinking

Alcohol is expensive. Reducing alcohol consumption can have a huge impact on your budget. Although this does not apply to everyone. But carefree people can spend the weekend with friends before going to the bar. Or not drinking at all. Reducing the amount of alcohol you drink is considered mature.

20. Get extra money

The sharing economy system makes it very easy to earn extra income. You can rent a room on Airbnb, become a Taskrabbit, work at Instacart, drive at Lyft, cook at EatWith, or arrange a private trip through Get Your Guide.


These tips will help you save thousands of dollars and make your dream vacation less a dream and more a reality. I know some of them are obvious, but they are obvious things that we rarely think about.However, the most important thing you can do is control your spending, because everyone’s situation is different. Monitor your spending to reduce your discretionary spending. The more you do this, the more money you save,

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