How to watch cctv recording | Information related to CCTV Camera Recording

How to watch cctv recording :

Hello friends, in today’s post, we are going to give you some important information and tips related to the recording of Cctv Camera, which will be very useful for you. This information is also important because nowadays the use of CCTV cameras in homes or offices has become very common, so CCTV users often face some problems related to camera recording, and many questions in their mind. If you live, then in this post we will try to answer the same problems and questions related to CCTV Camera Recording.

Some questions that come to the mind of a CCTV user, such as, how long does the recording of Cctv Camera last? Does the camera keep recording? How to watch recording of cctv camera? How to make sure whether the camera is recording or not? How to download camera recording and delete camera recording etc. So these are some important questions in the mind of the user, which we will know below one by one.

Some important things and tips related to recording of CCTV Camera

How long does the recording of Cctv Camera last :-

How long the CCTV recording lasts depends on the quality of your camera, camera recording settings, video compression capability and storage. It has been generally seen that the recording save of 15 to 20 days or more than a month is kept in Cctv Camera installed in homes or small offices.

Today is the time of HD and 4k cameras, where the quality of the video is very high, and due to the high quality, the size of the video also increases a lot. So in such a situation, there are many factors, which affect the storage of the CCTV camera, how long the video store will be there.

These are some factors, like how many megapixels is the camera, is the camera recording on motion, or continuing, how much is the storage capacity (HDD), what is the resolution and bit rate, how much is the video compression, etc. . If you want to get an idea of ​​the storage requirement of your Cctv setup, you can use the Storage Calculator.

Does the CCTV camera keep recording continuously?

Let us tell you that you can set the recording of the camera according to you. If you want the camera to keep recording 24/7 continuously, then you can also set this, and on the other hand you also get the option of Motion Detection. that if you want the recording to start only when there is a movement in front of or within its reach of the camera, record only if someone is passing in front, otherwise do not record, then according to your requirement You can do all this setting in the camera.

Motion Detection camera is more preferred by people, because it has many advantages, such as storage capacity increases due to no unnecessary recording, it is found quickly when recording is taken, time is saved, and if the user If he wants, he can also get Notification when Motion Detected.

How to watch recording of CCTV camera :-

Very easily you can check the recording of CCTV, you do not need to be an expert in this. First of all, connect the monitor to your DVR, you will see the display of the DVR. Now open the menu by right clicking with the mouse and when asked enter the User Name and Password of the Dvr. After this the menu will open, from here click on the option of Playback or Search, which will open a new window.

Now Calendar will appear on the right hand side, Date/Month/Year etc., and Camera’s option will appear like (All) or Camera 1,2,3 …..etc. So from here you can select the camera for which you want to see the recording or you can also click on All, as well as select the date according to the storage capacity and after that click on the search icon. With this the recording of that date will come out and you can check that video clip according to the time.

How to check if CCTV camera is recording or not :-

You can follow these tips to check camera recording, but keep in mind that we are talking only about the situation here, when the camera is visible on the screen, but it is not sure. , whether they are recording or not.

  • First of all, go to the menu of Dvr and check the camera settings from there whether the recording of all Camera’s is On or not.
  • If you pay attention, on the monitor, when you open the screen of each camera, you will see a recording icon in the corner. If that icon is there, it means recording is taking place. This icon gets removed even if there is no motion in front of the camera, so while checking, do a little movement in front of the camera and see it.
  • Another way is that you yourself once check the recording of Back Date or Time. For this, go to Playback as mentioned above and check the recording of an hour ago, then you will know whether the recording is happening or not.
  • If the recording icon is coming up, but still no recording is visible after checking, then try replacing the CMOS battery in the DVR once. If the CMOS battery is bad, due to the date and time not working properly, many times the recording is deleted in the back date and in the same date, then for this, check the CMOS battery by changing it correctly, the recording will start. .
  • If all the points mentioned above are working properly, but still the recording is not possible, then it may be that the harddisk in the DVR is damaged, then check once the hard disk is replaced, sure. Only this will solve your problem.
How to watch cctv recording
How to watch cctv recording

How to download camera recording

There are generally two ways to download the recording of CCTV, the first way is that you can download the footage from your USB drive directly to the DVR’s USB port, and the second way is, in which you can download the footage from the camera on the LAN. You can also download the footage through the software application.

If the recording footage is small, then it is better to put your pen drive or external hard disk directly on the DVR and back it up, but if the size of the recording is very large, then it is better to back up by software.

Here we are showing you how to take backup from Hikvision Dvr, the process is same in almost all Dvr.

  • First of all, you right click on the Dvr Screen and open the Menu option.
  • In the menu you will see two options Playback and Export, so first go to Playback and select the camera channel whose recording footage you want to extract, and also select the date for which the recording is to be removed.
  • You can choose the date from the calendar made on the right side, and the Time Scale will appear below to check the time, from where you can check the time.
  • After selecting the date, now click on the Play button below, this will show your camera recording of that selected date.
  • Here you also have to note down the time for which you want to remove the recording. The time scale will appear below for the time being.
  • Now you know all the Camera Channel / Date and Time, then you close the Playback window and come back to the menu and click on the Export option.
  • In Export, you have to select the camera channel whose recording is to be removed. And by going to Start / End Time, select the Starting and Ending Time and Date.
  • Now click on Search below, this will show you the recordings as per the date and time you have selected in the form of Clips.
  • Now is the time to export the recording, so for this you put your USB drive on the USB port of the DVR, maybe, if you ask to format the USB drive in the first place, then take a backup of your data and format it.
  • After this, check the clips appearing in the search one by one, and select the clip you want to export and click on Export below.
  • Here your USB drive will open, then you have to select AVI in the file format above, and click on Export, this will export the selected clip to your pendrive.

If you want to extract the camera’s recording by software application, then for this your DVR must be on LAN. Connect the DVR on the LAN then also connect your computer on the same LAN and install the Camera Software Application (IVMS-4200) on the computer.

After this go to the main menu of the application and click on the Device Management option will appear on the right side. Here by online device search or by going to Add device directly, enter your DVR’s username and password and add the DVR to IVMS application. Here on the Main Menu, you can go to the option of Remote Playback, set the Date / Time, search for the recording, and download it.

How to Delete Recording of CCTV Camera :-

If you want to delete the recordings made in your DVR, then for this you have to format the hard disk on the DVR. To format the harddisk, you go to the main menu and there you will see the option of Disk Management or HDD, click on it.

Now here you will see the specification of the harddisk like what is the size of the hdd, and how much space is used, and how much is left etc., then select the hdd by clicking on the check box from here. After this click on the option of Low Int (Initialize) and you will be asked to format, then click on OK, this will format your HDD.


So friends, you have come to know about some problems related to CCTV recording which often come in front of CCTV users. We have tried to answer those problems in very simple words. If you have any question related to CCTV, then you can ask us through comment. Hope you find this post informative, if you like the information, then share it with your friends also, thanks.

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