Hyper NFT review- is it legit or scam | Who is hyper NFT ?

Hyper NFT review :

Welcome to another article from loadingtipz.com In this article, we will discuss the famous “Hyper NFT”. Here we will give you complete information on who Hyper NFT is, who is the founder of Hyper NFT and what Hyper NFT does and what Hyper NFT offers. What is currently, hope you like it. let’s start.

What is Hyper NFT?

Hyper NFT is a project initiated by supercar collectors. While giving viewers the opportunity to collect digital assets from the luxury auto industry, Hyper NFT will act as a blockchain bridge, allowing diehard users to use their assets in Metaverse, providing collectors with a hands-on experience. Additionally, Hyper NFT collectors will have the opportunity to visit supercar workshops, showrooms, car shows, road shows, private parties. and real driving experience.

Who is Hyper NFT?

The Hyper NFT blockchain project was initiated by Thomas Gavache. The essence of this project is to bring supercars into the virtual world. In the blockchain gaming industry, the NFT R-01 supermodel sold for $100,000 in the REVV racing game.

The Hyper NFT Experience

  • Access a member’s only 30,000 sqft hypercar museum.
  • Meet hypercar industry icons.
  • Tour hypercar factories.
  • Ride in a hypercar.
  • Experience hyper-cars in their element on track or on closed roads.
  • Walk amongst, sit in and have photos ops with the hypercars of your dreams.
  • Collect unique one of a kind hypercar digital collectibles to be used in the
  • Collect hypercar merchandise to showcase your membership in an exclusive

What is NFΛST hypercars?

These are exclusive collections of cars created by the Hyper NFT team for the Metaverse. The cars have original ownership and are integrated with REVV, a blockchain-based racing game.

What will be the future of NFΛST hypercars?

The future of Hyper NFTs looks good as more and more investors invest in the project. Also, developers are working hard to bring new features. More people came to this project, such as:

  • Collectors can enjoy looking at their hyper car in HD.
  • Collectors can race and earn.
  • Collectors can show their hyper NFT to their friends

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