iQOO Z6 Pro Review 

iQOO Z6 Pro Review :

If you know about iQOO Z6 Pro in this blog, then this blog will be complete because in this blog we will give you all the information about this new phone.

iQOO Z6 Pro Display & Inside Case

iQOO Z6 Pro The case of this smartphone is that we have a USB Type C Cable, some guide books, charger and iQOO Z6 Pro our smartphone. AMOLED 90HZ display which comes with 1300 nits brightness and 180Hz Touch Sampling Rate on this phone you can play games on mid graphic and mid settings then OVER-ALL the display of this phone is very cool.

It is very bright as I told you that the brightness of this phone is 1300 nits, then you will see very bright even in the sun.

This phone seems to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 5G which is very fast. This phone has 4700mAh battery. In this phone you get to see 66watt charger. So if your phone gets discharged then this charger Since it will be charged in 45 minutes, then the charger of this phone is very good.

In this phone you get to see UFS 2.2 Storage. This phone has Android 12, so this phone is very good in terms of storage and Android.


In this phone you get to see 64MP Primary Camera, 8MP Ultra Wide and 2MP Macro camera, you can take very good images with the camera of this phone, if you take an image in the sun with this phone, then your image is very sharp. And if it comes bright then the camera of this phone is also very cool.

The 5-layered liquid cooling system can accurately sense the heat source and intelligently optimize the optimal cooling solution, which can effectively cool the phone under high load and reduce the core temperature to 10°* low Can do.

The higher the touch sampling rate, the shorter the screen response time. The 240Hz touch sampling rate provides a superior gaming experience and always gives you a winning edge. Tactile signals are collected every 4.17ms, ensuring fast tactile response.

The sidebar of Ultra Game Mode is optimized. Before and after gameplay, Ultra game mode optimizations are presented directly in the form of data, including CPU, GPU, memory, and battery. Now, switch between the three modes depending on your needs.

The vibrant color shades created by the light movements make the Z6 truly playful and magical giving you an immersive visual experience every time you look at it.
The colorful blue dynamic texture encapsulates the high-powered energy that constantly flows around you, facilitating the way to turn fantasy into reality.

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