Medibank dividend history 2022 | Medibank private dividend history

Medibank dividend history 2022 :

Medibank Private Limited is a healthcare company providing health and wellness insurance solutions to Australian clients. Medibank has been in the healthcare industry for over 45 years and is an ASX listed company under the ticker symbol MPL. Timely Stocks Let’s take a look at Medibank’s dividend payment history.

In addition, health services provided by Medibank ASX:MPL include mental health support and after-hours support. Medibank is headquartered in Melbourne.

Medibank dividend history 2022 -Medibank Private Ltd (MPL) Dividends

Medibank’s 2022 dividend history. This information is taken from the official Medibank website.

SectorMarket CapDistribution TypeDividendFrankingEx-dividend datePayment dateCurrent PricePrice 7D avgDividend yield
Financials$8,620H F Result6.9c100%Sep-08-2021Sep-30-2021$3.130$3.0304.08%
Financials$8,620H F Result6.3c100%Sep-02-2020Sep-24-2020$3.130$3.0304.08%
Financials$8,620H F Result9.9c100%Sep-04-2019Sep-26-2019$3.130$3.0304.08%
Financials$8,620H F Result7.2c100%Sep-05-2018Sep-27-2018$3.130$3.0304.08%
Financials$8,620H F Result6.75c100%Sep-06-2017Sep-28-2017$3.130$3.0304.08%
Financials$8,620H F Result6c100%Sep-06-2016Sep-28-2016$3.130$3.0304.08%
Financials$8,620H F Result5.3c100%Sep-03-2015Sep-28-2015$3.130$3.0304.08%
Medibank dividend history 2022 | Medibank dividend history 2022

As such, Medibank Private Limited will pay a dividend to its shareholders of 6.1 cents per share on 24 March 2022.

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Medibank dividend history 2021

The table above provides complete information on the amount of dividends that Medibank will offer to its shareholders in 2021.

Medibank dividend history 2020

The table above provides complete information on the amount of dividends Medibank is offering to its shareholders in 2020.

Medibank share information

Day range $3.160 – $3.210
Previous close $3.160
Average volume 7,199,049
52 week range$2.940 – $3.740
Foreign exempt?No
Share descriptionOrdinary Fully Paid
Shares on issue2,754,003,240
Medibank share information | ASX:MPL

Medibank Fundamentals

P/E ratio19.97
Revenue $7.03B (AUD)
Net profit$0.44B (AUD)
Cash flow$122.50
Price/free cash flow$16.32
Free cash flow yield6.12%
Medibank fundamentals | ASX:MPL

Medibank Dividends

Dividend amount$0.061
Annual yield4.06%
Ex date04 Mar 2022
Record date07 Mar 2022
Pay date24 Mar 2022
Medibank dividend | Medibank dividend history

Medibank dividend history: MPL dividend yield 2022

  • Annual dividend yield for Medibank is 4.15%.
  • Quarterly Dividend yield of Medibank is 0.03AUD.

Medibank dividend reinvestment plan DRIP

Medibank does not operate or implement a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), and shareholders cannot reinvest Medibank dividends and receive passive income from their dividends Medibank Private Ltd (MPL) dividends)

Medibank share price prediction

Medibank shares are forecast at $3.50 and experts believe it could be even higher. But ASX:MPL has a solid price forecast of $3.50.

FAQ for Medibank dividend history, yield, share price, MPL share price prediction

What is Medibank’s share price?

Medibank is at ASX:MPL with a current price of $3.13, a 52-week high of $3.74 and a low of $2.79.

What is the Medibank asx:mpl ex-dividend date?

04 Mar 2022 was the ex dividend date for MPL.

Medibank asx: When was the most recent dividend payment date for mpl?

March 24, 2022 is the latest dividend payment date.

How many dividends does Medibank ASX:MPL pay per year?

MPL pays dividends twice a year.

What is Medibank’s dividend?

4.15% Annually

Is MPL a good investment?

Yes, according to expert opinion, it is also worthwhile to invest in MPL and pay dividends as passive gross income if the risks outweigh the rewards.

Is Medibank a good buy?

Yes, it’s a good stock in the long run, according to experts and former investors.

Does MPL have a dividend reinvestment plan?

No, they don’t have a DRIP plan.


Overall, the above information highlights Medibank’s dividend history for various years such as 2022, 2021 and 2020, and medi-bank’s dividend yield has also been discussed in the article below. above, as well as FAQs that clarify the price of MPL shares, MPL Dividend ex-dates and MPL dividends. The dates of 2022, and much more information about ASX:MPL have been mentioned.

Some other important information : Medibank dividend dates

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