POCO F4 5G Review

POCO F4 5G Review :

In this blog, we will give you complete information about the new POCO F4 new smartphone, so read the full blog

What are we going to cover in this blog

Smartphone basics

On this phone, you won’t see the 3.5mm jack, an IR blaster on the top and both sides up and down, you know the stereo speakers, the SIM card at the bottom and it’s an expansion slot here. dual nano sim card view

POCO F4 5G Display

This phone display comes with 120Hz refresh rate, 360Hz TSR, 1300 nits brightness and Dolby Vision HDR10+. It improves your productivity in gaming if you are playing BGMI or COD

If we talk about brightness then it is very bright because as you know the brightness of the display is 1300nits so if you are working without light it is very bright and you can easily do your work

POCO F4 5G Multimedia

One great thing is that this phone supports dolby vision on netflix, this phone has certificate on netflix for dolby vision and on amazon you can watch HDR10+ videos and if you buy it on 1 cell then you will get youtube premium And get Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription. for free

POCO F4 5G Specs

This phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 897 5G processor which is at the top. There are 3 variants of this phone 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM.

POCO F4 5G Price in India

The price of POCO F4 is good according to the specification of this phone and the price of POCO F4 is 27,999 which is for 128GB ROM with 6GB RAM and 33,999 which is the price of 12Gb RAM and 256GB ROM

POCO F4 5G Battery

You have got 4500mAh battery with this smartphone. We have tested this phone. It works very smoothly. We play COD and other heavy games on this phone for 2 to 3 hours, it works very fast. And the back side does not get hot i.e. the battery phone is very nice and fast and POCO claims that this phone gets 50% charged in 11 minutes

POCO F4 camera

This phone comes with 3 camera setup, primary camera 64 MP, 8 MP ultra wide and 2 MP macro. The camera of POCO F4 is very good and provides you the best quality, size colors and bright pictures with this phone so that you can improve the quality of your picture.

This is the first phone from POCO in which you can see OIS camera and with the help of this camera you can record 4K 60FPS video which is a big deal for this price.

POCO F4 camera test

POCO F4 5G Review
POCO F4 5G Review

As you can see the picture is very sharp, bright and colourful, if so look anywhere in the image The color is not over saturated and the image looks better.

POCO F4 5G Review
POCO F4 5G Review

Check out this picture This image looks and feels like this image was taken with the primary 64MP camera as the colors in this image are very bright and sharp and the image is even more colorful and natural feeling and the colors more saturated again are not.


Q.1 Is the camera of POCO F4 5G good for clicking photos?

Answer Yes, you can click the best photos from this phone because this phone has 64MP primary camera so that you can click the best photos.

Q.2 Can I record 4K 60fps video with POCO F4 5G

Ans Yes, you can record 4k 60fps video with POCO F4 5G as this phone has OIS camera so that you can record 4k 6fps video.

Q.3 Is POCO F4 5G battery good for gaming?

Ans Yes, it is good for gaming We have tested this phone and played heavy games for 2 to 3 hours on this phone and this phone works well.

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