ROG Phone 6 Pro Review

ROG Phone 6 Pro Review :

This blog will give you complete information about the new ROG 6 Pro smartphone, so read the full blog because in this blog we will tell you everything about this smartphone.

ROG Phone 6 Pro Build Quality

This smartphone comes with a gorilla glass victus which is very powerful our team tested this phone and it performs very well i mean when our team protected this phone glass we were shocked because this phone Has not found any scratches, so the build quality of this smartphone is very good.

ROG Phone 6 Pro Ports & Buttons

There’s a 3.5mm jack at the bottom, USB Type C which is a bit on the side and on the right, you find the power on/off button, the volume rocker up/down. Up top is a noise-canceling microphone and on the right, there’s a USB Type C in the center and below you also find a SIM card tray in blue accents.

It’s not visible, but you do get gaming triggers on the left and right sides, they’re also multi-functional. If I compare the ports and buttons with the ROG Phone 5/5s, the pogo pins have disappeared. But there’s a new aero cooler, it’s a cooler, not a fan.

ROG Phone 6 Pro Specifications

This is the first phone in our studio to have SD8+Gen1 SoC that we tested before launching and compared to SD8Gen1, it is far ahead in terms of thermals, and sustained performance etc., as compared to SD8Gen Is. 1.

So there are 2 phones – ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro We have ROG Phone 6 Pro and it has 18GB RAM and 512GB storage. There is a 12GB + 256GB variant of the ROG Phone 6

ROG Phone 6 Pro battery & Charging

This gaming phone has a whopping 6000mAh for long sessions and also supports 65W charging When you buy it, you will get a 30W charger but you can buy a Power Delivery charger, which will give 65W charging. It goes from 0-100% with 65W in about 42 minutes. We didn’t weigh the phone, yet it should be heavy considering the 6000mAh battery. It is 239.3g which is heavy.

ROG Phone Pro Gaming & Performance

This is the most powerful Android phone I wouldn’t compare to an iPhone, it gets a 1.1M Antutu score. You can play all the games on the highest settings, be it Apex Legends, CODM, etc and even if you play for 2-3 hours, it will work like a charm. Its stability score is 85% highest, the second best at 78 percent.

Their Game Genie/Dashboard are indicated on the bottom which they use to pop from the sides and it is a personal preference that some would prefer it from the bottom I personally prefer the sides which the game triggers multidimensional and you can assign different tasks accordingly. In fact, you can even use speed and gyro to reload cannons etc.

We noticed that the frame gets hot while playing the game because its metal, heat dissipates so use a reason while playing the game we ran the 3d mark stress test and it performed very well i must talk about the cooler It is not just a fan. It uses a Peltier effect to keep the surface cool and generally, smartphones have an SoC at the top, but it is in the centre.

ROG 6 Pro Cameras

ROG Phone 6 Pro Review
ROG Phone 6 Pro Review

This primary sensor is a 50MP Sony IMX 766 sensor which clicks good pictures. The secondary UW sensor is of 13MP and there is a macro sensor of 5MP. On the front you get a 12MP selfie sensor

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