Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Review

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Review :

In this blog, we will know about Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra, in this blog we will tell everything about this phone, so this blog is going to be very informative, then this blog will be complete.

What is Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra?

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra is a flagship smartphone which is made by SAMSUNG company. This phone also comes with S pen, which you can write on the phone, you can make drawing, this phone is having 4 Camera and 1 Sensor and that too without camera. Bump means a lot of phones have a frame around the camera and it is raised but this phone does not have that frame at all, so the disine looks great.

How is the display of this phone?

The display of this phone is very cool, if you have to say socks in one line, then I will say about the display of this phone, then I will say 6.8 inch 144Hz 2k Super Amoled LTPO WQHD + DIsplay From this line itself you must have gone to the society how is the display of this phone if not If you understand, I understand that the Display Refresh Rate of this phone is 144Hz, 2k Resulation is Super Amoled, then this phone is very cool for things like Gaming, Video Editing, in which it is very important to have the best of the display.

How is the charger and battery of this phone?

The battery of this phone is 5000mAh and the charger which supports up to 45W Charging is a surprise but the charger does not come with this phone, in the box of this phone only the phone, charging cable and manual means charger you Have to buy myself According to a flagship smartphone, the battery of this phone is very good, before the arrival of this phone, only Oneplus 10Pro was the only flagship smartphone whose battery was 5000mAh, now it is also in this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Review
Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra Review

How is the phone’s camera?

This phone has 4 cameras at the back, one ultra-wide, one primary camera and two Telephoto 108MP primary camera, 12MP ultra-wide Telephoto 10MP 10X Zoom Telephoto 2 10MP 3X Zoom The camera of this phone is very cool but there is one more thing. With the phone, you can shoot videos at 8K 24fps, this is a big deal, with this phone you can take photos up to 100X, meaning you can zoom in to the moon and take photos, then it is a big deal.

Ram8GB, 12GB
Phantom White
Phantom Black
Charging45W Support
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 1
Refresh Rate144Hz
SimDual Sim and E sim Support

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