SAMSUNG S21 FE 5G Review

SAMSUNG S21 FE 5G Review :

Amazing Features of Samsung S21

The FE that is appearing in the name of this phone means Fan Edition SAMSUNG S21 5G This is the new smartphone of SAMSUNG, I will tell about its 3 amazing features now.

  • Link To Windows You can link this phone to your Windows, this feature is a very amazing feature.
  • Smart View With this feature you can connect your TV to your phone without any wire.
  • Quick Sharing With this feature you can share anything quickly.
  • Dex on PC With this feature, you can connect the laptop to your phone, this feature is very beneficial for those people who do gaming like you are playing a game on the phone and recording it, now what is being recorded you can see it on your laptop

The frame of this phone is of metal which also feels good to hold, the weight of this phone is also very light, so the traveling phones whose weight is too much are not comfortable to hold but its weight is less then this phone is caught. I also feel good and one thing the height of this phone is also less, so this phone is very comfortable for people who have small hands.

How is the phone’s camera?

Primary Camera The primary camera of this phone is 180MP, which will bring great photos. If you are passionate about taking photos, then this phone is very cool for you.

Ultra Wide The Ultra WIde Camera of this phone is also 108MP, which will give very cool, sharp and clear images.

Telephoto 8MP The Telephoto Camera of this phone is of 8MP, from which you can also take photos by zooming, which means that there is no shortage in the camera of this phone, you can take photos nearby, you can also take photos far away.

What is the screen display of the phone?
SAMSUNG S21 FE 5G Review
SAMSUNG S21 FE 5G Review

The display of Samsung’s phone is 6.4 inches, this screen can comfortably hold those people whose hands are small, the display of this phone is AMOLED Is

And one thing is that the display of this phone is Flagship Display, it looks like Gorilla Glass Victus, so if you accidentally fall this phone, then there is nothing to worry about because this phone is not going to break at all. Our team of this phone has also done testing by rubbing the key, nothing happened on the display of this phone.

Information about the RAM and processor of the S21 phone?

The RAM of this phone is 8GB, which is correct according to this phone, if you play the game on this phone, then your gaming will be very cool on this phone. It also does not get hot but after half an hour, this phone starts heating up a bit, but gaming on this phone is cool, this phone is cool for gaming, now let’s talk about the processor in this phone. The name of the processor that is being used in this phone is Exynos 2100.

All information about this phone

Primary Camera108MP
Ultra WIde Camera108MP
Telephoto Camera8MP
Display Refreshe Rate120Hz
DIsplay Size6.4 inch
AndriodAndriod 12
PrcessorExynos 2100
Cable typeType C
Weight177 G
Charging Support25W
WIreless Charging15W

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