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Ubuntu Operating System :

In today’s post, you will get information about Ubuntu like What is Ubuntu OS, Ubuntu OS What is the difference between.

What is operating system

Let’s start by understanding the operating system. An operating system is a software program by which computers and other computing devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., are operated. This software acts as an interface between the hardware components of the computer and the user, i.e. the hardware of the computer is operated by the operating system itself.

An operating system is installed on each computer through which the user uses that computer, and it is only when the operating system is installed that other programs such as MS Office, a web browser, a block -notes, games, etc. can be installed. . on the computer. or you can work with these software.

If you understand the operating system in other words say the computer can only understand the language of the computer so it is not possible for a user to use the computer or other device computer without the operating system (OS).

There are also many kinds of operating systems such as Windows, MAC, Linux OS, etc. So while Windows is a paid operating system and Mac comes bundled with Apple devices, Linux is an open source operating system.

There are many versions of Linux, which are used according to different devices and user needs. They are called Linux distros and almost all Linux distros can be downloaded and used for free. So, one of these Linux distributions is also UBUNTU, so now let us understand Ubuntu OS in detail.

What is Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is an open-source Debian-based Linux distribution designed for desktop computers, smartphones, and network servers. Ubuntu operating system is designed to be used by developers and regular users, while developers can customize it according to their needs, ordinary user also finds it easy to use.

For this reason, Ubuntu is considered the most efficient operating system in the world today in the list of Linux-based operating systems, and people all over the world are using it. Although there are many other open source operating systems in Linux distributions, using them becomes a bit complicated for an average user, while Ubuntu is easy to use due to the simple GUI. In other words, if you are looking for an alternative to Windows or Mac operating system, UBUNTU is the best choice of these two operating systems.

Ubuntu OS is free, it is very easy to install, you need to download the package from Ubuntu official website, and you can install it on your system via bootable DVD or USB. Besides Ubuntu operating system, there are also many important softwares pre-installed, such as Office suite, web browser, media player, Skype, etc., and if you want, you can also download many others software from the Ubuntu Software Center. .

When it comes to technical support for the Ubuntu operating system, there’s an entire Ubuntu community where answers to your common Ubuntu-related questions can be found on the community forum itself, while Ubuntu Services technical support team are also available. they are present. Since Ubuntu is an open source software, it can be customized, which developers keep bringing from time to time, that’s why a new Ubuntu update is released every 6 months, so that developers and users regular users get the latest updates. recent. latest apps and features.

Features Of Ubuntu Operating System

Following are some of the main features of Ubuntu operating system.

  • It is an open source operating system, which can be downloaded and used by anyone, as well as it can be customized.
  • Software’s such as Office, Web Browser, Notepad, etc. come preinstalled with the Ubuntu operating system. You can also download hundreds of other Ubuntu supported applications if you want.
  • Thunderbird has a built in email software available in this.
  • Ubuntu is a simple, fast and easy to use operating system.
  • It is mainly compatible with all computer hardware devices.
  • Ubuntu is available in different languages.
  • It is a very secure operating system, which has very little chance of getting infected by viruses.
Ubuntu Operating System
Ubuntu Operating System

History Of Ubuntu Operating System

As we mentioned before, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution, similarly the source code of a very old Linux distribution, Debian, was used to prepare Ubuntu.

Ubuntu was launched in 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth, a South African entrepreneur (owner of Canonical Ltd). Mark founded Canonical Ltd for the promotion and support of Ubuntu. They wanted to create a Linux-based operating system that was quite easy to use, so they created a team of developers associated with Debian, after which the Ubuntu operating system was prepared.

Soon after its introduction in 2004, the name Ubuntu was on everyone’s lips, it was discussed a lot among people and over time Ubuntu gained popularity, that’s why today the brand of computers Dell, the new HP computers, has grown. It also comes with Ubuntu operating system preloaded. Nowadays there are many special editions of Ubuntu, it is available for desktops, servers, smartphones, nowadays from home users to business users, everyone uses Ubuntu, even Ubuntu plays a important role in cloud computing today. daytime.

Difference Between Microsoft Windows And Ubuntu

Following are the differences between Ubuntu and Windows operating systems.

  • Ubuntu is developed by Canonical Ltd, while Windows is developed by Microsoft.
  • The Ubuntu operating system was developed in October 2004, while Windows was developed in November 1985.
  • Ubuntu is an open source operating system, which is absolutely free, while Windows license has to be paid for.
  • While Ubuntu belongs to the Linux family, the Windows operating system belongs to the Windows NT family.
  • Ubuntu operating system is considered more secure than Windows.
  • For a new user, operating Ubuntu is considered a bit difficult as compared to Windows.
  • Antivirus software is not required in Ubuntu, whereas antivirus software is installed in Windows operating system.
  • The processing and performance of Ubuntu is much better than that of Windows.
  • Office and many other software come preinstalled with the Ubuntu operating system, whereas in Windows they are installed separately.
  • Ubuntu is more customizable than Windows.


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