What is Artificial Intelligence

Hello friends, in this post you will know what is Artificial Intelligence.

Before moving forward, it is also necessary for us to know, how technology has become a very important part of human life in today’s time, whether it is our field of work or our daily needs, everywhere we use technology. use in some way.

Have you ever thought, what if you stop using technology, whether it is your mobile phone, computer or any other requirement which is related to technology. So maybe your life will not be so easy, because the connection of technology has been directly or indirectly connected with our life somewhere.

Ever since the invention of computer’s and machines, their ability to work is increasing continuously, whether we talk about the speed of computers or their decreasing size which can fit even in the smallest space, machines in all areas. Work is underway to upgrade.

In this changing form of technology, continuous work is being done on Artificial Intelligence for a long time, and this technology is also being used in many fields. So let us understand, what is Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI Concept, and what will be its benefit to human life in the coming times.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial intelligence is the field of computer science, whose purpose is to prepare computer technology by programming in such a way that it can work like the human brain.

That is, by AI technology, such a machine should be created that is capable of imitating human intelligence, such as thinking, working, making decisions and removing the problems that come.

So that such smart machines can be used in the work done by humans, which will reduce the work load and the scope of mistakes will also be less.

Research on Artificial Intelligence was started in 1950 by American scientist John McCarthy, also known as Father of Artificial Intelligence.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is divided into two parts, Weak AI and Strong AI.

Part 1 (Weak AI and Strong AI)

Weak AI is also called Narrow AI, in which the machine is programmed for a particular task and the machine will do only that work or the machine will have the same work area as it has been programmed for.

For example, take the character of a computer game, whose task is limited only to the game created, that is, he is not able to do more than that, such as the game of Chess which for a single task. It has just been prepared.

Strong AI is also called True Intelligence, in this the machine is made so powerful or skillful, that it can think, plan, make decisions and act like humans.

Strong AI has not been made yet, but work is being done on them, maybe in the coming time we will also get to see Strong AI or it may be that it will never be made, that is the time to come. Will tell

(The second part)

Reactive Machine

This is a basic form of AI, in which this form does not save any memory, nor can it remember its previous experience towards that task, nor can it learn anything new from itself.

They only react to a single task, for example, IBM developed a chess-playing computer called Deep Blue, which defeated the Russian Chess Grand Master in 1990.

Limited Memory

Or just take the borrowing of Google AlphaGo, that is, they are prepared only for a particular task.

This AI machine technology can store information about the work done in the past for some time, and use that experience in further actions. You can take this from Self Driving Cars, which involves using past experience to detect obstacles ahead, change your LAN and reduce the chances of accidents.

Theory Of Mind

In this AI technology, the machine is being made capable of thinking like a human, in which the machine can understand Emotions, Belief and Thoughts, and can behave like humans. There are a lot of experiments going on in this area right now and this AI does not exist yet.

Self Awareness

This AI technology aims to make the machines full of human qualities like Self Awareness, Self Awareness, Desires Desire and Consciousness.

At the same time, they can also understand their current situation so that they can behave completely like humans. It doesn’t exist yet.

What is Artificial Intelligence
What is Artificial Intelligence

Examples of artificial intelligence

In today’s time AI is being used in various fields. Take any industry, AI technology is being used in most of the places, or emphasis is being given on its use.

Even the common man is taking advantage of this technology somewhere, whether it is online communication, online shopping, or web search, we are taking advantage of AI somewhere.

Even the common man is taking advantage of this technology somewhere, whether it is online communication, online shopping, or web search, we are taking advantage of AI somewhere.

Below are some examples of this technology.

Google Map

AI Tools are also used in the navigation of Google Maps, with the help of which Google Algorithm automatically selects the shortest and best routes for you.

It keeps showing us real time data, such as road conditions and traffic conditions, as well as an estimated time to reach your location.


As we mentioned, the use of AI is not limited to any one industry, today it is being used in the automobile industry as well.

If you are interested in cars then you must have heard the name of Tesla. Tesla is a Self Driving Car, Tesla is using AI technology in a very amazing way. Tesla has made its own AI hardware separately and according to them its technology will be made smarter in the coming time.

Spam Filters

Everyone uses email, how only the selected email comes in our inbox and how Spam mail is put in the spam box.

Behind this, Spam Filters keep working continuously and AI technology is also used in Spam Filters and in this way, with the help of AI, many spam mails are prevented from going to your inbox every day.

Smart Personal Assistants

Personal Assistant such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and now Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are all voice based apps and devices, in which AI technology is being used.

Like voice commands are given to ALEXA, whether you have to order something online or get any information, you can use them.

Advantages of AI

You have learned how AI is being used in every industry, and there is a constant effort to make machines more efficient which can prove to be more beneficial for human life.

If we talk about the advantages, then the scope of mistakes is greatly reduced by the use of AI as compared to humans, and they can work 24/7, that is, we can take advantage of them in our everyday needs, like everyday. We use mobile and mobile technology also uses AI.

AI goals

The main goal of AI is to create such intelligent expert systems, which can think like humans and have the ability to understand and explain along with emotions and it can be more beneficial for human life.


Friends, you have learned what is AI technology and how we are currently using a very small part of it in day to day, and how big changes can happen in AI technology in the coming time.

So I hope through this post, you must have got information about what is Artificial Intelligence, What is Artificial Intelligence In Hindi, if you like this information, then definitely share it with others. Thank you.

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