What is Cloud Security | Why is Cloud Security Important?

Hello friends, do you know about cloud computing, because before knowing what is cloud security, you have to understand cloud computing.

Cloud computing means any data that you store on the Internet instead of storing it on your computer’s hard disk, or programs or services that you are able to access with the help of the Internet, they all come under cloud computing.

If said in a sentence, cloud computing means all those computing services like Servers, Storage, Software’s, etc., which you access through the Internet, it is called cloud computing.

If you want detailed information about cloud computing, then you can read our post on cloud computing. Now it comes to what is Cloud Security, so let’s understand it.

What is Cloud Security

The security of a cloud computing system is called cloud security. Cloud security includes all those policies, procedures, controls and technologies, whose combination ensures the security of cloud based systems.

It’s simple, let’s understand it with an example. Suppose if you are a cloud service provider, where you provide data storage service to users on the Internet, or provide an application server for their software.

So in order to properly operate any such service or service on the Internet, first of all you have to make your Cloud Platform secure, that is, the servers or applications you are going to give access to the users, first secure them. This is done so that they can not be harmed in any way by cyber criminals.

That is, the arrangement or measure made by the cloud service provider to make the Cloud Computing Environment secure is called Cloud Security.

Why Cloud Security is Necessary

Today, be it a common user or an organization, everyone is using cloud computing services in some form or the other. Due to the scalability, flexibility and convenience of cloud computing, the number of cloud computing users will undoubtedly increase in the coming times.

But as the users use cloud computing services, they will also store their critical data on the cloud, which can contain many confidential documents or business information, etc. Maybe.

In such a situation, it is very important to have cloud security, so that the user can get the full benefit of cloud computing and can work smoothly without any hesitation or fear.

Some of the main risks that can come while using cloud computing services are data theft, unauthorized outsiders gaining access to company data, malicious attacks such as DDOS, or malware infection, etc. So all these threats can be reduced with the use of cloud security.

Cloud Security Measures

Now you must have known that cloud security is used to keep cloud computing secure. But do you know, what are the measures or methods adopted under cloud security, through which the security of cloud computing can be increased.

So let’s know, what are the ways in which cloud security is strengthened.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Implementation

MFA is used. This is a method of verifying the identity of the user, in which the algorithm is used, and the correct user is identified by certain methods.

In this, login is not done only with username or password, but the user is verified using two or more methods, and only after the user’s identity is verified, he is given access to the application or data.

Limited Rights

A user is given access to only those applications, files or data, which he uses, or for which the user is authorized.

If any user is given full access, then the user can tamper with someone else’s data by mistake or wish, due to which the file can be edited, or it can also reach any wrong hands.

With limited rights, even if the user’s credentials reach the hackers for some reason, they cannot access the data. Therefore, limited rights of data access are given to every user using cloud services.

What is Cloud Security
What is Cloud Security

Data Encryption

The data is kept encrypted so that no one can get access to the data without the encryption key. Even if for some reason the hacker accesses your data, it is still not possible to open or view the encrypted data.

Any data that reaches the cloud service provider’s network from your computer or network is encrypted. For this, VPN or any other encryption technology is used, which provides standard encryption facility to the user.

Strong Password

Strong password is a common but very important practice, which should be followed by the user at his level. If you have trouble remembering passwords, or can’t, you can also use a password management service that creates complex passwords. Also, keep changing your password from time to time.

Back Up Data

Backing up data has always been an important and necessary security policy, similarly it is also an important step in cloud computing security that the user must follow. If for any reason your data kept on the cloud is lost or corrupted, then you should have a backup plan for it. For this it is necessary that you also keep the option of data backup.


Cloud monitoring is an important part of cloud security. There are many such tools available in the market, using which the functioning of the entire cloud system can be monitored from any central location.

Through this, the activities happening on cloud computing can be monitored, and any hacking attack or network problem that occurs can be detected and dealt with in advance. Some of the activities that can be monitored by monitoring are as follows, alerts related to Sent/Received Network Bytes, CPU Utilization, Traffic Analysis, Configuration Issue etc.

You have read what is cloud security and why it is necessary. If you liked this information, then share it with others as well.

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