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You must have heard the word Coding many times, but do you know, what is coding, if not, then let’s know about Coding, what it is.

Today we talk about the digital world, where there are robotics, there are automated vehicles, there are many software or websites, there is an Alexa device of Android or Amazon, so do you know, how all these devices or services work. , or how we are able to communicate with these devices.

So for your information, let us tell you that all this is possible only due to the presence of computer technology, and the language used to get the computer working is called Coding.

What is coding?

As we all know, the computer does not understand the language of us humans, nor can it give its response to everything we say, rather it can only understand machine language or machine code 0 and 1.

So how without typing any machine language we are able to explain to the computer what to do.

So here all this is possible only through coding, coding is that list of instructions, by which we are able to communicate with the computer, and can give instructions to the computer to perform various actions. It is possible to program software, websites, apps, etc. through coding only, and through this we are also able to interact with different technologies.

The person doing the coding is called a coder or programmer, whose job is to prepare code for a software or app using a programming language. Then the prepared code is compiled, after which it is translated into machine code, so that the computer can understand that instruction, and execute the given instruction.

Every code prepared by the coder is an instruction for the computer, which tells it to perform a certain task, and in the same way when a complete document of these codes is ready, it is called a script. Is.

The website or software we are using, we only see the front end of it, which is in the form of very good design or graphics, but all this is visible to us only when that software or The coding is done behind the web page.

Some Main Coding Language

There are thousands of coding languages ​​available today, and many new languages ​​are also developed every year, but the following are some of the major languages ​​that are widely used.

Javascript :- It was designed by Brandan Eich in 1995. JavaScript is a high level and light weight scripting language, which is used for web development.

Python :- Python language was invented in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. It is a high level coding language which is commonly used for server side programming. Python is considered an easy language for beginners.

PHP :- PHP is also a high level scripting language, which was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP is also commonly used for web development.

C: – It is a very old, popular and powerful general purpose high level programming language, it is also considered as the basis of programming language. C language was introduced in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. It was developed to prepare computer operating systems.

JAVA :- Java was first developed in 1995 by James Gosling and his team. It is a high level programming language. Java is used to develop Internet Applications, Mobile Apps, Software Programs, etc., and is also being used in AI and ML.

Ruby:- Ruby is also a high level, general purpose programming language. It was designed and developed by Yokihiro Matsumoto in 1990. Although it is also a general purpose language, it is mostly used for web development.

What is coding
What is coding

How to Learn Coding. How To Learn Coding

From the information given above, you must have come to know that what is coding, what is the use of coding, and who is called Coder or Programmer. Now it comes, how to learn coding?

To learn any new thing in life, it is necessary to have interest in it, because if you are not interested in something, just you want to do it at the behest of someone, then after some time you will be interested in that thing. Will start looking for ways to escape.

The same thing applies to coding or programming, there is no harm in trying or learning, but if you are not interested, then coding is definitely not for you. Because you are reading this post, then we assume that you are willing to learn coding. You also want to learn coding, build your own program, develop software or apps, or learn something new and enhance your skills.

So here we have given some steps towards learning coding, by following which you can start your own.

Steps to Learn Coding

Learning coding or programming is a long process, for which you can take recourse to various sources, such as taking courses from a programming institute, taking online classes, reading books and online tutorials or through videos.

Initially, App Development, Software Development, Creating Webpages, etc. These are all the latter things, first of all, if you are starting yourself in coding or programming, then for you the Basics or Fundamental of Coding and Computer like Data Structure, Syntax, Text- It is important to know about Editor, Compiler etc.

After this, you can start with any one programming language like C or Python, because both of them are very popular and easy programming languages.

After selecting a programming language, understand its basics completely and continue your practice because you will not be able to learn coding by just reading, but it requires more and more practice.

Now that you have enough knowledge of your chosen programming language, you can create your own project, for example, you can work in the same direction by setting small goals of preparing Calculator, Timer, Game etc. . If you will prepare your small goals and then try to achieve them, then you will face many problems and by solving these problems you will be able to become a coder or programmer.

Some websites from which you can learn coding.

  • Udemy
  • Codeacademy
  • Code.Org
  • W3 Schools

So friends, you know what is coding, We hope, the information will be useful to you, if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask us through comment, thank you.

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