What is Computer Graphics | How to learn Computer Graphics

In today’s post, you will learn about computer graphics, what is computer graphics, what are the types of computer graphics, and what is its use.

Computer graphics is made up of two words, if these two words are understood then you will be introduced to computer graphics.

Computer means a machine or device which performs processing, calculation and operation according to the instructions of software or hardware program. It takes data as input and after processing it shows us the output.

Graphics refers to a type of artwork, design or visual image, which is prepared on a canvas, paper, wall, sign board or computer monitor. They are made for giving information or for entertainment.

What is Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is the art of making designing easy, in which computer is used. Computer Graphics means to create any type of picture, graph, artwork or design with the help of programming using computer. Computer graphics are used for video development, program, catalog or science modeling.

Think how much time it can take if a design is made by hand, and it will not be that easy to make any kind of alterations or changes in the design. Whereas any type of digital image can be created rapidly through computer graphics, and changes can be made to its design at any time.

In earlier times when computers were not used to create models or prototypes, designers used to create them manually by Clay, which would take a lot of time and modify or modify their designs. It was not that easy either.

Today all these tasks are accomplished rapidly by Computer Graphics, and the design can also be modified according to its requirement, that is, by Computer Graphics, the work is done easily, fast and effectively.

What is Computer Graphics
What is Computer Graphics

Types of computer graphics

There are two types of computer graphics, Raster and Vector, let us understand both of them in detail.

Raster Graphic:- Raster Image is also commonly called Bitmap Image. It is a type of digital image, in which there are many small rectangular pixels, which make an image through a grid formation.

The resolution of a raster file is referred to as DPI or PPI (Dots Per Inch). The larger the raster image, the more disk space it takes up, most of the images you see on your computer screen, digital camera, or on the web are all in raster graphics. There are formats of raster images like Jpg, Gif, Png etc. The drawback of these images is that if they are zoomed then they start getting blurred.

Vector Graphics:- Unlike Raster, Vector Graphics are based on Mathematical Formula, and a design or image is drawn according to this mathematical formula. It does not have Pixels like Raster, but it includes Paths, which are made up of Points, Lines, Curves, etc.

This means that no matter how large or small the vector image is zoomed, those lines, curves and points remain the same, that is, the quality of the image remains the same, and it does not blur. Vector files are in formats like Ai, Eps, Svg etc.

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