What is crypto currency

What is crypto currency :

If you are also one of those people who have heard the word cryptocurrency many times, but do not really know what is Cryptocurrency, (Cryptocurrency Meaning In Hindi) then we will answer your same question in this article. We are going to give, by reading which you will know a lot about cryptocurrency, and at the same time we will also tell you how to invest in crypto.

What is currency

Before reading further about cryptocurrency, let us know what is currency? Currency means money from which the system runs in the country, in exchange for which you and we buy or sell goods and services. The currency is recognized by the country’s system, government system and people, and exists in the form of paper notes and coins.

Every country has its own currency, like India’s currency is Rupee, similarly US Dollar, French Franc etc., that is, we can see, touch, and carry with us from one place to another. But cryptocurrency is completely different from all this, you can neither see or touch it, nor can you carry it from one place to another, because cryptocurrency is in digital form, it is also called digital money, let’s say it understand in detail.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, it is also called virtual currency. You cannot carry cryptocurrency in your pocket like any normal currency, but it can only be viewed through digital platforms such as computer, laptop or mobile phone, where this currency is stored in your digital wallet.

This digital currency is not issued by any government or central bank, nor is there any interference in it, that is, it is a decentralized digital currency, issued by the community, and it is based on a huge computer network. it occurs. If we talk about how this currency works, or how this currency is exchanged, then let us tell you that it works on Peer To Peer (P2P) system, in which any user, anytime and anywhere online. Crypto can send or receive, that is, no central authority is involved in the transaction of crypto currency.

Cryptocurrency uses Blockchain technology, whose job it is to manage its transactions and keep records of them. Because it is a decentralized currency, which is not controlled by anyone, then its security is a very big issue, so here the security of cryptocurrency is done by cryptography.

Cryptography is the security mechanism by which crypto transactions are verified, preventing any disturbances between network nodes. Cryptography converts digital data into non-readable or incomprehensible text, and can only be read or understood by the person for whom that information is protected, i.e. cryptography is compromised by a security system. – It’s not easy to break.

If we talk about spending cryptocurrency, then you can use this currency to buy products and services online, and now there are many such Crypto Exchanges available, which convert Fiat Money to Cryptocurrency and Convert Cryptocurrency to Fiat Money. and in return they take some of their Exchange Charges. Now that you have come to know, what is Cryptocurrency, (Meaning Of Cryptocurrency In Hindi), so let’s look at its other aspects as well.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency. How To Invest In Cryptocurrency

If you also want to invest in cryptocurrency, then here we are telling some important things, which you have to keep in mind. First of all, know that the crypto market is a very unstable market, in which the price of cryptocurrency keeps on increasing and decreasing from moment to moment, that is, if you want to invest money in this market with the thought that you will make a profit. Hold on. It completely depends on the market conditions.

So if you want to invest in cryptocurrency even after knowing all these things, then first start with a little investment i.e. no matter how much money goes away or sinks, and when you have to know about cryptomarket. If I have a little knowledge, then you can go ahead and make some good money in it.

Investing in crypto first requires a good crypto exchange where you can trade. Some of the popular crypto exchanges in India are WazirX, CoinDCX and CoinSwitch Kuber etc. Apart from these, you can also use one of the world’s popular exchange Binance, but for trading in it, the first rupee has to be converted into another currency, initially the process of which you may find a bit complicated.

After choosing a right exchange, you have to create your account in it. While preparing the account, you are asked for a copy of your photo as well as documents related to identity such as PAN card, or Aadhar card, etc., that is, the identity of the account holder is completely verified, so that in future there will be no disturbances. Can’t be

After creating an account, you have to deposit funds in your account, so that you can buy Crypto Currency. Within the crypto exchange, you will see a lot of cryptocurrencies from around the world, from which you can buy any one you want, but the price of each crypto coin is different. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies that everyone wants to have today are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

Now that you have also deposited funds in your account, it is time to buy crypto currency which you can buy through Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer or UPI etc. The exchange has hundreds of cryptocurrencies ready to buy, which you can buy as you wish, whether you want to buy a single coin or several. Most coins are listed on exchanges as symbols, for example in the form of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Dogecoin (DOGE).

The process of buying crypto currency becomes a bit difficult for many people, because they are not able to decide who or crypto coin can benefit them in the future. The only cure for this is to keep yourself updated on the new changes happening in this market.

Advantage & Disadvantages Of Cryptocurrency

Some of the main advantages and disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrency are mentioned below.


  • It is a secure digital currency, in which the chances of fraud are very less.
  • It is very quick and easy to buy or sell as there is no system interference in between.
  • It is Decentralized, due to which no one has control in it, but this system is run by the community.
  • It is protected by a high level of digital security such as the blockchain and cryptography.
  • Being a P2P transaction, there is transparency in it, so that anyone can see the transaction taking place in it.
  • There is no fixed limit for doing transactions in this.


  • The price of a cryptocurrency is unstable, that is, its price fluctuates very rapidly.
  • Due to digital money and no one being in control, this money can also be misused.
  • Criminals can use it to hide their black money.
  • Not all websites on the Internet accept cryptocurrency.

Is cryptocurrency legal in India?

If we talk about whether cryptocurrency is legal in India or not, then it is a simple answer that neither bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is banned in India, nor is it completely legal, but now the government or No decision has been taken by the court in this. However, there are a large number of people in the country who invest and trade in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, hoping that the cryptocurrency will be as legal as the regular rupee.

List of popular cryptocurrencies. List Of Famous Cryptocurrency

There are thousands of such currencies in the world of cryptocurrency that are withdrawn every year, but only a few of them reach the heights where bitcoin is today. So here we are going to tell you about bitcoin as well as other main cryptocurrencies which are performing well in the market.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC):- When it comes to B cryptocurrency, the first name that comes to people’s mind is bitcoin, and it would not be wrong to say that many people have come to know the cryptocurrency in the name of bitcoin itself. Bitcoin was extracted in the year 2009 by an unknown person, Satoshi Nakamoto. It was the first cryptocurrency to have a worldwide name, and even today, bitcoin continues to top the list of cryptocurrency with its huge price.

2. Ethereum (ETH): – ETH remains the second number currency after bitcoin. Ethereum was introduced in the year 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, and recently he donated 1 billion worth of Shiba Coins to India as a part of Covid relief. The ETH cryptocurrency works on a programmable blockchain, that is, programs and apps can be run in a decentralized form on this blockchain.

3. Tether (USDT): Tether is popular as a stable currency compared to all other cryptocurrencies, and is considered to be the third largest cryptocurrency in today’s time. This coin was withdrawn by Tether Limited.

4. Binance Coin (BNB): – This cryptocurrency is used for trading and paying fees on the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance. It was started in the year 2017 since then till date the price of this coin has increased significantly. As a result of which today this coin is used for trading and paying processing fees etc.

5. Cardano (ADA): – This cryptocurrency has achieved very good success in a very short time. It was brought to you by Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum. Today this cryptocurrency remains at number five in terms of its value. This cryptocurrency is also known as Ethereum killer.

6. Dogecoin (DOGE): – This crypto coin was started as a joke in the year 2013 by two software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer and it emerged as the most popular crypto coin in the year 2021. When a big personality like Elon Musk gave his statement about this coin, after which there was a competition of those who bought it. Today we can place this coin at number 6 with a good price in the crypto world.

7. XRP/Ripple (XRP) :- This cryptocurrency was introduced in the year 2012 by co-founders Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. The Ripple network is behind the XRP coin. XRP is used as the native cryptocurrency for products developed by the Ripple network. Products manufactured by the Ripple network are used for payment settlement.

8. USD Coin (USDC): – Just like Tether (USDT), this is also a stable coin, in which a lot of investment is done in search of good returns. It is backed by Ethereum, ie it works on the Ethereum blockchain. This coin is managed by Jeremy Allaire, president and co-founder of Circle Company.

9. Polkadat (DOT): – DOT cryptocurrency was introduced in the year 2020. The list of its founders and management team includes the names of Robert Habermeier, Dr Gavin Wood and Peter Czaban. This currency has also made a good jump in its very short time, but it is considered to be good on the investment side, although its prices have seen a lot of bounce and fall.

Each cryptocurrency can use a different blockchain, so Polkadat creates a cryptocurrency network in which each blockchain can interact and work together.

10. Uniswap (UNI): – UNI is considered a good investment, and it remains at the tenth position in the list. Like DOT, UNI token was also introduced in the year 2020. Uniswap is a crypto exchange, through which UNI is extracted as a Governance Token. Uniswap works on the Ethereum blockchain.

World’s 5 Major Crypto Exchanges | World’s 5 Famous Crypto Exchange

  • Binance
  • coinbase
  • Kraken
  • PrimeXBT
  • Gemini


You know what is Cryptocurrency, how to invest in it, and what are the top 10 cryptocurrencies around the world, which every person wants to have, whoever is interested in cryptocurrency . We hope, you have got your questions answered by reading this post and if you are new to the field of cryptocurrencies, you must have learned a lot. If you have any questions related to this post, or have any suggestions for us, then you can tell us by comment.

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