What is email address

What is email address: In today’s digital age, email address has become an identity of any person, if you do not have an email address of your own, then definitely you are not taking advantage of a useful digital service.

Although it has become a common digital identity for most of the people, the use of which is related to their daily tasks and services, but with this still many of us are still not aware of the email address, or else. Even if there is little information, then it is incomplete, and they do not even have an email id of their own.

So through today’s article, we will give you complete information about email facility, like what is email, what is email address and how can you create your email id.

What is email

Before understanding email address, it is necessary to know your email, what is email after all. The full form of email is Electronic Mail, that is, a type of letter that you send through electronic means.

It is in the same way as a letter written on paper is sent by post, but the only difference between these two is that the letter which is written on paper, we put it in the post box, after which some of the post office Through normal procedures, it is sent to the address fixed by the postal department, that is, it takes a long time for the letter to reach the person receiving it.

Whereas today’s electronic letter (Email) is typed on the computer and it reaches the recipient within a few seconds, in which you neither need to buy the letter, nor go to the post office, but email This facility is absolutely free for all, and your email is received by the other party as soon as you click one.

So from this you can understand how by taking advantage of the email facility, your message can be delivered to others in a jiffy and all those post office processes and delays can also be avoided.

What is email address
What is email address

What is email address

Just as in a normal letter, the identity of the person receiving the letter i.e. his name, address (Address) as well as the name of the sender of the letter is also written,

In the same way, the name and address of the receiver and the sender are also written in the electronic letter i.e. email, and this address is called the email address of those users.

An email address is a distinct identity for any email account, which is used to both send and receive email over the Internet, and to successfully send an email, that is, an electronic letter, to the sender and receiver. Both the recipients must have an email address.

Every user has a different email address, just like every person has a different identity.

All email addresses on the Internet have the same format, which is divided into two parts, the first part is the username and the second is the domain name like loadingtipz@Gmail.Com.

In which first the name of that user comes like loadingtipz and after that @ Thata then the name of that domain like Gmail.Com.

Now if according to the demand of the time, you also have to create a digital identity of yourself, that is, to create an email address, then first of all you will have to create an email account, which you can create on the Internet absolutely free from sites like Gmail.Com etc. And once your account is created, you will also get your email address along with it.

Friends, we hope, now you must have come to know what is an email address, What is Email Address and how you can also create your own Digital Identity by using it.

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