What is Google Meet App | How to use it

Hello friends, in today’s post you will know what is Google Meet App, (What Is Google Meet App) and how to use it.

In the last one year (internet) the use of online facilities has increased tremendously. Due to the lockdown, all the people going to the office or going to the school of the children are closed. So in such a situation, various companies and schools have resorted to video calling and video conferencing to continue the work and also to maintain the studies of the children.

Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google’s Google Meet App are being used a lot.

As the use of Google Meet app is increasing rapidly, so we thought why not give you information about Google Meet conferencing app, such as what is Google Meet, (What is Google Meet App) and how do you use it? Can be used.

What is Google Meet App?

Google Meet is a video conferencing app through which you can interact with people. Google Meet makes video calling or video conferencing, you can hold online meetings, take online classes, and use it personally by making live video calls with your friends or family.

It is a commercial form of Google Hangout, which was developed especially keeping in mind enterprise customers and schools etc. But just as people had stopped meeting each other during the lockdown and companies and schools were also closed, then only online recourse was left for people to communicate.

In such a situation, video conferencing apps like Google Meet have been used tremendously by the people. Although earlier it was developed keeping in mind only the commercial section, where it was part of the G Suite Plan, that is, you had to take the G Suite Plan to use it.

Then Google released its free version for Gmail users, in which users could add 100 participants on video calls and there was no time limit. Later, while changing its use again, the time limit of 60 minutes was set by Google on video calls.

But in view of the increasing use of Google Meet and the need of the people after the lockdown, at present Google has made it completely free for the common Gmail user till June 2021. During this, you can take advantage of the Google Meet video calling facility for 24 hours.

How to use google meet

Using Google Meet is very easy. You can easily access the Google Meet conferencing platform by following the steps mentioned below. Google Meet can be used on all smartphones, laptops and desktops.

How to use Google Meet on laptop or desktop.

  • You have to login with your Gmail account there by typing this link https://Meet.Google.Com/ on the web browser. Here you do not need to install any software, rather it can be used directly through the web browser.
  • Now you will be logged into Google Meet. Here you will see a tab of setting on your right side. By clicking this, check the settings of your Microphone and Camera that they are working properly, and then go back.
  • On the front page of Google Meet, you will see two options New Meeting and Enter A Code. If you want to participate in a meeting, then you have to type the received code in place of Enter A Code, and join the meeting. But if you want to start a new meeting, then you have to click on New Meeting. Now from the pop up, click on the option of Start An Instant Meeting.
  • Now you will see the message of Meeting Ready, and by clicking on the option of Add Others, you have to select the email ID of your Contacts from whom you want to make a video call and share the link to join the video call.

How to use google meet in mobile phone

  • You have to go to the Play Store and download the Google Meet App and install it on your phone.
  • Now you will be asked for login account, then select the Gmail account with which you want to login and login.
  • After this you will be asked for access to the camera and microphone of the device, so here you have to click on Continue.
  • Now you will see two options New Meeting and Join A Meeting, so here if you want to start a new meeting, then click on New Meeting, while if you want to be a part of an ongoing meeting, then click on Join A Meeting option. Join by entering the code of the meeting.
  • This is how you can use the Google Meet Conference Platform.

Friends, we hope, now you must have got information about what is Google Meet App, (What Is Google Meet App) and how it is used in laptop and desktop.

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