What is Google Sheets | How to use google sheets

What is Google Sheets :

Hello friends, in this post you have been given information about Google Sheet, such as what is Google Sheet, and how it is used.

Before knowing Google Sheet, let’s take a look at MS Office. Be it a Beginner or Professional, everyone must use (MS Office) i.e. Microsoft Office while working on the computer.

Microsoft Office is a computer application package used for business or Office related tasks such as document preparation, presentation creation or data management.

You can assume that MS Office is one of the main applications which is required by almost every computer user.

One of the main programs of Microsoft Office (MS Office) suite is MS Excel, which is used a lot. It is a spreadsheet, in which various formulas are applied, and data sets are created, organized and managed.

But if we talk about a common Home User or Business User, then it is not possible for everyone to use the License Version of MS Excel or to purchase its license.

That’s why users often look for other alternatives to MS Excel on the Internet. So here the best alternative to MS Excel is Google Sheets. Let us know, what is Google Sheet and why it is a perfect alternative to MS Excel.

What is Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet application from the Google Doc Suite, which provides a platform for the user to perform tasks similar to Microsoft Excel.

Just as Microsoft Excel works, you can also work on Microsoft Excel’s alternative Google Sheets, such as creating data sets, organizing data, applying formulas and doing financial analysis, etc.

All the main features of Excel are available in Google Sheets, and Google Sheets can also be shared online through links, and permissions can also be applied to Google Sheets according to the user’s use.

This means that two people can work on a spreadsheet from two different locations at the same time, and different permissions can be set for each user using Google Sheets.

For example, like (Ram) has been given permission to edit, or delete data stored in Google Sheets, and Shyam is allowed to read only the data.

Google Sheets is a cloud based free spreadsheet application that doesn’t cost you any money, and you can use it on all your desktop-laptop and smartphone.

What is Google Sheets
What is Google Sheets

How to use google sheets.

Your device needs to have internet access to access Google Sheets, and you can access it in three main ways.

So let’s know those ways to access Google Sheet.

  • by website.
  • via Google Drive.
  • Through Mobile App.

Here’s how to access Google Sheets.
By website :-

The easiest way to access Google Sheets is through the website.

  • For this, first you have to click on Sheets.Google.Com.
  • A window will open, here you have to enter the login details of your Gmail account, and login.
  • Now the page of Google Sheet will open in front of you, you can create your own Google Sheet using the various templates shown here, or you can also create your own new sheet by clicking on Blank.

By Google Drive :

Another way to access a sheet is to access it through Google Drive.

  • For this, you have to first open Google Drive by entering your login details.
  • After login, the page of your Google Drive will open in front of you, here you will see the tab of New on your left side, click on it.
  • Now by going to the option with Google Sheet, choose Blank Spreadsheet or Template.

Through Mobile App :-

You can easily use Google Sheets on your smartphone too, be it Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

  • You have to go to the Play Store of the Android phone, and type Google Sheet in the search box there.
  • After this, download and install the Google Sheet App, and use it.
  • Similarly, for iOS devices, go to Apps.Apple.Com and download Google Sheets.

Benefits of Google Sheets. Advantage Of Google Sheet

As we mentioned that Google Sheet is a cloud based free spreadsheet, then this is its biggest advantage, because the way the user has to pay a big amount for Microsoft Office, which is possible for a corporate user, but for anyone. For personal use it proves to be a bit pricey deal.

Along with this, there are many other advantages of Google Sheets, let’s know them too.

  • Multiple users can work on one spreadsheet in real time.
  • Spreadsheets can be transferred to others by link.
  • There is no hassle of computer crash in this, because all the work is cloud based, and the work being prepared is also stored on Google servers in real-time.
  • Its portal or interface is User Friendly, that is, even beginners can use it easily if they work in it.
  • Being cloud based, it does not need to be updated, rather it gets updated automatically when Google updates.
  • It does not require any software installation as it is cloud based.
  • It is absolutely free for all. It does not require any kind of subscription.
  • It supports multiple spreadsheet formats like (.Xlsx, .Xls, .Xlsm, .Xlt, .Xltx, .Ods, .Csv, .Txt, .Tsv, .Tab etc.).


So friends, you know what is Google Sheet, how it is used, and how it is a better alternative to MS Excel. We hope that the given information will be useful to you.

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