What is Google Trends | What Is Google Trends and its use

What is Google Trends

Do you want to know what is Google Trends, the English word trends means that which is in trending.

Google Trends is a website of Google, whose job is to keep data of searches done on Google around the world, such as in which country, in what time, which topic is being searched the most, all of them. The data is with Google Trends.

How does Google Trends work

The way you have to know or understand about a topic, then you use Google Search and easily you get information about that topic. In the same way, people all over the world use Google search to get information.

Whatever is searched on Google by all of us, its data is saved with Google Trends, and later we use the same saved data by using Google Trends.

So it is meant to say that Google saves the data searched by the people in its database, and on the basis of that data trending topics are detected, and this is the working of Google Trends.

How to use Google Trends

You can use Google Trends very easily, for this you have to go to the Google Trends website https://Trends.Google.Com/Trends and in the upper part of the website you will see the portal given below.

After this, if you want to find out the trending topics, then click on the button on the left and you can find them by clicking on the option of trending topics.

If you want to see the trending ranking of a particular topic, then you have to write about that topic in the search bar shown above and click on search, from which the information of the topic will come in front of you. Along with this, you can also get information about the trending topics of a particular country or state from here.

For example, if you search the current Google trending topic of 2019 India, then IND VS SA cricket match is being searched the most in trending at this time.

How to do Keyword Research with Google Trends

If you are a blogger then how can Google Trends be beneficial for you.

  • You can find trending topics for your blog.
  • You can find keywords related to your topic.
  • Can understand the interest of the audience and changes in it from time to time.
  • With less effort, you can rank your blog.
  • Can get real time data.

How to do keyword research

You must be spending a lot of time on your keyword research, you will know how important the role of keywords is in ranking any blog.

If you want to save your precious time and easily find keywords related to your topic, then Google Trends can prove to be very helpful for you, because Google Trends works on real time keywords and through this you can get related to trending topics. You can create your own blog or post.

Many marketing professionals use Google Trends to gauge the mood of the audience, and tailor their strategy accordingly.

Just like we search for any information by typing on Google, in the same way Google Trends also sees which keywords are getting more searches, and on the basis of that selects trending topics and from time to time selects the trending topics. It also keeps us informed about the changes taking place, that is, all these features of Google Trends make it a great tool for keyword research.

Setting up google trends

Google Trends was started on 5 Aug 2008 as Google Insights For Search, which was renamed as Google Trends on 27 Dec 2012.


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