What is Home Automation | How Does Home Automation Works

Hello friends, if you want to know about Home Automation, then you will get complete information about Home Automation in this post of ours.

What is Home Automation and how you can make your home a Smart Home. As you all would know that in today’s world technology is being used in every field.

And efforts are being made on how to make human life easier with the help of technology, so we can say that Home Automation is also a miracle of this technology, so that you can complete your everyday tasks sitting on the sofa of your home. can do.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation system is a combination of hardware and software technology, also known as IOT (Internet of Things).

Through home automation, we can control the electronic, electrical and other devices of our house according to our needs in a centralized manner by connecting them with automation equipment.

Although home automation is being used for the last decades, earlier only home lights and some appliances could be controlled in general, but recently there have been more new experiments in technology, and now Alexa is a ( Voice Command) By giving commands or even with a touch of a mobile phone, the devices installed at your home can be used according to their needs.

With IOT, you can control every corner of your house in your own way, whether you are indoors, or somewhere outside you have complete control of your home at all times, and you can get instant information whenever you want. You also keep getting it, from this it can be said that the demand for IoT is going to increase a lot in the coming time.

What can be controlled through Home Automation (IOT)

Audio Video Entertainment

If you have any system of audio and video in your house like Home Theater, Music System, Satellite TV, Internet Videos or DVR to be programmed etc. then you get rid of running or controlling them all separately. .

Lighting Control

If anyone does automation at his home for the first time, then his first choice is Lighting. Because lighting is our daily need, and with the help of automation, it becomes very easy to use, and maximum energy can be saved. Not only saving, you can also decide which light to light when and in what color as well as set its brightness.

Climate Control

With Smart Thermostats, you can make the environment of your home favorable, there will be no round of too hot and too cold and the environment will remain pure.
You have to set everything up in the automation system, then leave it on the automation system, it will start working according to your need. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of electricity along with your convenience.

Security Control

Security control is a very important part of home automation, in today’s time with the increasing nature of the security industry, you can guess, how much crime has increased.

So in such a situation, people give utmost importance to the security of their homes, you can control all the security devices of your home such as CCTV, ACCESS CONTROL, FIRE ALARM, SMOKE DETECTORS, SECURITY LOCKS or any other security device with home automation. can.

Apart from all these, you can do many more such as (IPS) Indoor Positioning System, Pet And Baby Care or Smart Kitchen etc.

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What is Home Automation
What is Home Automation

How Home Automation Works | How Does Home Automation Works

Home automation is a combination of hardware and software, which makes our everyday devices communicate with each other. All devices are equipped with sensors, which are controlled via the Internet from your mobile phone or tablet, whether you are at home, outside or thousands of kilometers away in another country, you can keep the devices installed throughout the house right there. can control from

Mainly there are three elements of home automation (Sensors and Motion Detectors, Controllers and Actuators).

Sensors and motion detectors can sense light, temperature, and any movement, and then act according to the settings you set.

The word controllers means mobile phone, tablet, computer, automation is set by them, they are controlled, and the state of automation is also understood.

Actuators refer to Switches of Lights, Motors and Motorized Systems by which Home Automation works, or is run. Actuators i.e. the whole system works when command is given by the controller.

Before doing home automation, it is necessary to choose a networking protocol, whether it is wired or wireless, or a combination of both. These are all the famous automation technologies in present times, UPB, INSTEON, Z-WAVE, ZigBee etc.

Also, you can do home automation by setting up Wireless Mesh Topology. All the devices of home automation will be connected wirelessly and you will be able to control them according to your need, so such a fully automated home is called a Smart Home.


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