What is python language | what is its use.

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What is Python Language,

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So because of this, today we are going to give you this information about Python language.
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Python is a High Level Programming Language, which has a lot of
is used. The reason behind its excessive use
to be simple and fast,

That’s why it got a good place in the world’s most important language.
It’s hua So let’s first understand what is Python language.

What is python language

Python is an open source high-level programming language, open source, that is, its use is absolutely free, and its source code is available to everyone, in which changes can be made according to them.

It is a very simple language as compared to other programming languages, in which developers are able to translate its code very easily, because its syntax is quite different.
And is User Friendly.

It includes Dynamic Type System and Automatic Memory Management
The facility is available, due to this its development and maintenance cost.
Much less than other languages.

Use of Python Language for Web Development,Software Development,App Development,System Scripting,Big Data Processing,Machine Learning
And Artificial Intelligence etc. is being done for everyone.

And today big companies like YouTube, Quora, Instagram etc.
are using.

The foundation of Python language was laid in 1980, and its implementation
Launched in December 1989 in CWI Netherlands by Guido Van Rossum
Which was later developed by the Python Software Foundation.

And today it is included in the world’s most used and rapidly growing languages.

What is python language
What is python language

Features of Python Language

The way you read above that it is a very popular language, which is being used by almost every big company today, so about Python language
Taking your information further, let us now look at its features.

Beginner Friendliness :-

Python language is designed in such a way that even a beginner can learn and understand it very easily. It is easier to program in Python than any other programming language such as C or C++.

Third Party Modules Availability :-

Third party modules are available in the Python Package Index (Pypi), which can be used for other programming languages ​​and platforms.
Enables you to interact with

Open Source :- Python Language Approved by OSI Open Source License
Which makes its use absolutely free, whether you are using it personally or on a commercial basis.

Cross Platform Language: – Python can be run in different OS Platform’s like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac etc. That is, if a Python program is developed in a Mac computer, then it can also be used in Linux.

Large Standard Library: – A Large Library is associated with the Python language, in which all the important modules are available, which can be used at the time of coding the program, that is, you do not need to prepare your code separately every time. Had to.

Interpreted Language: – Like any other programming language like C, C++, Python language does not have to be compiled to run, but its sourceThe code is converted into Bytecode, meaning the source code is completely interpreted from a
Execute one by one without running the bar, so that the code can be debugged.
It becomes easy, whereas in the compiler, the entire code is executed in one go.

Integration :- Python language to other programming language C, C ++, Java etc.
Can be integrated with

Expressive: – That is, it can be easily understood and read as compared to other languages.

Database Connectivity :- Python provides interface to all major databases.

Why you should learn Python language

Some of the positive features of Python Programming Language are given below,
Which forces more and more people to learn it.

In today’s time it is in high demand, and it is growing very fast, which is an example of its top 10 language list.

It is quite easy to learn as compared to other programming languages, it has
does not have complicated syntax or rules, but also the use of English words in many places
Which makes it easier to understand for a beginner.

The Python language has a variety of libraries and frameworks, for example Django
Which is used for web development, or PyBrain which is used for data science. In this, the use of libraries and frameworks makes it very easy to develop any type of application.

Due to the use of Python language in most of the applications and its huge demand, it gets a very good salary, which can prove to be a good career for the learner.

The way Python language is being used in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it also makes learning Python language very important, because in the coming time, there will be an impact of machine language and artificial intelligence in all fields, so learning it is a good one. Will prove to be soft.


So friends, you have read what is Python, we hope you have found this information about Python language very informative, and if you learn the language, then it can prove to be a good career for you.

Because even in new technology, Python language has been used somewhere.
and all the big companies of the world are taking advantage of it, so surely it is a
It is a very good and powerful programming language.

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