What is router|Router In Computer Network and its types

What is router|Router In Computer Network and its types :

Whenever it comes to computer networks, a network includes various network devices, such as modems, switches, firewalls, and routers, etc. So in today’s post, we will learn about one of these network devices, a device router, what is a router, and how it works. (Router In Computer Network)

Often we have heard and spoken the word Router many times, but in reality many of us do not know, what is a Router, and how it works, is it necessary to have a router to access the Internet. So, let us try to answer all these questions of yours in very simple words.

What is router

First of all, you should know that the WiFi device installed at your home, by connecting to which you access the Internet, or run, is a Router. Similarly, whenever you take an Internet connection for your home or office, and whatever WiFi device is installed by the Internet Provider, it is a Router.

The router is connected to the (ISP) via Cable or (RF) Radio Frequency, and receives the Internet signal from the ISP and transmits it to your home or office, and then you can access the Internet by connecting to that router via Wifi or Cable. Huh.

Similarly, the router also works to connect various devices present in your home or office such as desktop, laptop and printer etc. through IP address, that is, by connecting the router devices through IP Address (LAN) Local Area Network. Also creates, so that files and resources can be shared.

On the other hand, if we talk about a large computer network, which is called (WAN) Wide Area Network, it is also created by Router’s, where the router connects the Branch Offices located at different places and makes them accessible to the user. Let’s make it like Delhi office from Bangalore office.

In LAN where only Single Router is used normally, Multiple Router’s are used in WAN.

Let us now try to understand the router technically. (Router In Computer Network)

A router is a networking device that works to forward and receive data packets between computer networks. It works on the 3rd layer of the OSI model i.e. Network Layer. The router is designed in such a way that it can forward and receive data packets between two or more networks and networking device’s by establishing a connection through IP address.

Any data sent on the Internet such as email or any web page, etc., all of them travel in the form of packets, and these packets are forwarded from one router to another, until that packet reaches its destination node. .

For example, when you send an email by connecting to your home router, it reaches your destination node through various routers in the form of an email packet, that is, the router itself is the networking device that prepares the network for data packets. Works for sending and receiving.

How to connect router

Before you understand the working of the router, let us know, how the router is physically connected. Internet connection is taken from the ISP, which is directly connected to your Modem, then the Router is connected to the Modem via Patch Cable, after which the Internet connectivity is reached to the Router.

After this, the router transmits that Internet connection to all the other devices on the network through Wire and Wireless. Here, if more network devices are to be connected to the router via wire, then a separate network switch is also installed after the router, because only a limited number of Ethernet ports are present in the router.

As far as modem is concerned, now such routers are also available, in which modem facility is also available, that is, you do not need to install a separate modem, but the same device works as both modem and router. .

How does a router work

Router assigns IP addresses to all network devices, connects them to the Internet, and works to route data.

As you have also read above, that the Internet travels in the form of data packets, so the job of a router is to receive, analyze and forward these data packets, that is, overall the router works to manage network traffic, And transmits the data packets to their destination node.

When the router receives a data packet, it first analyzes that packet, and by reading the address information present on the packet header, finds out the source and destination address of that packet, after which the packet is sent to its correct destination. Uses its Internal Routing Table to access faster and make Routing Decisions.

A routing table is a set of certain rules that are used to determine to which interface the data packet is to be sent, and which will be the shortest and most efficient route for the packet to reach its destination.

For example, you can see Router as a courier service, where each courier received is like a data packet, and each courier i.e. data packet has its own separate destination address, where it is to be sent. , and if the courier is not handled efficiently by the courier service, it may get lost or may get delivered to the wrong address.

Similarly, by knowing the address of the received data packets, Router also works to send the packet safely to its Destination IP Address.

What are the main components of a router

The following components are included in the router.

ROM :- (ROM) Read Only Memory, it stores the Bootstrap Startup Program of the router and the OS software of the router even when the router is turned off.

RAM :- (RAM) Random Access Memory, it stores the operational information of the router, such as Routing Table, Running Configuration File, Buffering Details etc. and this stored information gets deleted as soon as the router is powered off or restarted.

FLASH MEMORY :- Flash memory (OS) works to store the images of the operating system, and this information of flash memory is stored even when the router is turned off or restarted.

CPU :- Like the computer, the CPU is also present in the router, which executes the operations of the router OS. Its job is to execute System Initialization and Routing Functions and to improve router performance.

Network Interface :- The router is connected to the network through the network interface. It is the interface to which other routers and switches installed on the network are connected.

How to find ip address of a router

You must have known how important it is for the working of the router to work properly at home or office. That is why many times we need the IP address of the router when there is a problem with the Internet, so let us know, in such a situation, how you can find out the IP address of your WiFi Router.

To know the IP of the router, you have to press the Windows and R buttons on the keyboard simultaneously, after which the feature of RUN will open in front of you.

Now in RUN you have to type CMD and press Enter button, which will open Command Prompt in front of you. Now in the command you have to type Ipconfig and press the Enter button.

After which the complete IP detail of the LAN Adapter will open in front of you, out of which the IP visible in front of the Default Gateway will be the IP address of your Router.

What is router|Router In Computer Network and its types
What is router|Router In Computer Network and its types

Router Types | Types Of Router

Following types of routers are available in the market.

Wireless Router: – Wireless routers are common routers installed in your home and office. It generates wireless signals so that devices that are within its range can connect to the router and use the Internet. To make the wireless connectivity of the router secure, you have to set a password in it, so that anyone who wants to connect to the wireless needs the password.

Wired Router – Wired routers are those routers that do not generate a wireless signal, but you need a network cable to connect to them. In this type of router, a network cable is used to connect a device to the router and connect it to the Internet, where connectors are installed at both ends of the cable, which on one side connects to the network port of the router, And on the other side on the Lan port of the device.

If you want, you can also connect a wireless router with a wired router, all you need is a patch cable that will connect the wireless router’s Lan Port to the wired router, after which the wireless router will be configured and you can access the Internet. can use.

Edge Router: – Edge router acts as a gateway in a way, this type of router is set on the boundary of the network. The job of an Edge Router is to connect the internal network to the external network, it uses the EBG (External Border Gateway) protocol. Edge routers are usually configured at the gateway of an ISP network to connect to other ISP networks.

Edge routers are both wired or wireless, they distribute packets to the external network rather than the internal network, their job is to maintain the connectivity of your network with other networks.

Core Router: – These are high performance routers, which distribute data packets within only one network instead of multiple networks. Core Routers are also called the backbone of the Internet, and are used in large computer networks.


You know what is a router in a computer network (Router In Computer Network) You also know the work of the router and its types. We hope, after reading all this, you must have got to know a lot about the router. If you found this information informative, then share it with your friends as well.

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