What is ssl certificate | How does SSL Certificate work? where to buy

What is ssl certificate (SSL) has a full form, Secure Socket Layer, SSL is a digital certificate, it is used to enhance the security of a website or an application. In other words, a website can be changed from Http to Https only by SSL Certificate, which increases the security of the website, here S in Https means, (Secure) Secure. If you run a blog or website in 2021, then you will also need an SSL certificate, so without delay, let us now understand in detail, what SSL certificate is, how it works, and how you can get free SSL certificate. Can get it.

What is ssl certificate

One of the most important components that any online business needs to run properly is to create a trusted online environment where the potential customer or buyer can shop safely and with confidence. So in such a situation, SSL certificate is the only sign of online security, which gives proof of the security of a website or application.

SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate, which guarantees the authenticity of your website or application, that is, having an SSL certificate allows visitors to identify that this website is correct and secure. If you see Https in the URL of a website in the browser, or in the URL you see a closed lock with a domain name, such as (https://Www.Gethow.In) next to Closed Lock, then you understand Take that yes this website is SSL Certified, and is absolutely secure.

If we talk technically, SSL is a security protocol, which creates an encrypted link between your web browser and web server (web browser i.e. your computer or mobile internet browser and web server i.e. whatever website you are opening , its server) so that whatever data is being shared between the two, or communication is taking place, it remains safe, no one can steal or hack it.

Just as online transactions are done nowadays, in which we put our credit or debit card information online, in such a way, SSL is the only protocol that keeps the information, data or communication shared by us secure. Although SSL has now been replaced by another updated protocol (TLS) Transport Layer Protocol, it is still known as SSL, and its functionality is almost the same.

How ssl works

Above you have read What is SSL, let us now know, how SSL works. The job of SSL Protocol is to ensure that any type of data being shared between the browser and the website or email server and email client is unreadable, that is, which cannot be read or understood by anyone in the middle, so let’s understand. That’s how all this happens.

When you access a website that is protected by SSL on your Internet browser, your browser and the web server use a process called SSL/TLS to establish or create an SSL connection. It’s called a handshake.

In this process, the necessary information related to each other is shared between the client and the server i.e. your web browser and the web server, in which the information of the SSL certificate of both as well as the public key of the server is also shared, after which the client The server’s SSL certificate is verified by a (CA) certified authority, and if all is found to be correct, the process proceeds. While this process between the browser and the webserver may seem lengthy for you to read, it is actually very fast, taking only a few milliseconds to complete.

In this process, the client further prepares a session key, and encrypts that key with the server’s public key and sends it to the server, after which the server decrypts that encrypted session key received by the client with its private key, and Then sends an acknowledgment encrypted with that session key back to the client, so that further encrypted session can be started.

So in this way the entire data shared between the browser and the web server is encrypted and decrypted by the Session Key. Session Key which is valid only for a specific session, and as soon as the session ends, the work of that specific key ends, similarly when a new session starts, a new Session Key is prepared.

Let us tell you that any data which is encrypted by Public Key, then it can be decrypted only and only by its Private Key. For more information about this, you can read our post on Public Key Infrastructure.

You know how the SSL protocol works, and how having an SSL certified website or application increases the security of your online data.

Where to get ssl certificate

If you have a website or blog, which you want to be SSL Certified, then you can do so very easily. Whenever you buy any hosting service or domain, then if you want, you can also buy SSL service from the same company.

If you have a website or blog, which you want to be SSL Certified, then you can do so very easily. Whenever you buy any hosting service or domain, then if you want, you can also buy SSL service from the same company.

Nowadays almost all hosting companies like Godaddy, HostGator, Hostinger, BigRock etc. also provide SSL service to the customers, just you have to pay some money annually for this. On the other hand, there are many other such websites, from where you can get this SSL Certificate absolutely free, two of them are the main website Let’s Encrypt and SSL For Free, by visiting these two websites, you can get this for your blog or website absolutely for free. You can get an SSL certificate, as well as learn how to install SSL.

The security level of a Paid SSL and Free SSL is almost the same, the only difference between the two is that where you get support in Paid SSL, there is no support of any kind in Free SSL.

So friends, we hope, now you must have known SSL Certificate Kya Hota Hai, how it works, and how you can get SSL Certificate for your website. If you have any question or suggestion related to this post, then do let us know by commenting.

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