Why is GEO targeting important in modern SEO?

Seo ; In terms of ranking, you want to rank for highly relevant keywords used in your market segment.

The problem is when you do this. Your competitors must include top brands with large SEO budgets.

SEO competition is fierce, and the truth is that it cannot compete with big brands. However, you can now take advantage of the importance of local SEO to Google.

This is where location targeting can help you a lot.

Location-specific keyword targeting

The point is, you really want to avoid fierce keyword competition. You can do this for search engines using site-specific keyword targeting methods.

What does it mean?

Make it as simple as possible. Instead, target your ads to keywords such as “buy shoes”. You should target your ads to specific, longer and location-specific keywords, such as “Buy on site Shoes”. Clint”

The main idea here is to reduce it as much as possible. You can also limit certain keywords you use to street level. However, you should try to cover as much service area as possible.

Why target these specific keywords?

Using geo-targeted SEO provides benefits that SEO experts and business owners cannot ignore. Some that should be mentioned are:

Low competition : Although it is almost impossible for small businesses to rank for highly competitive search terms such as “protein supplements” or “bakery,” they are unlikely to rank for specific keywords. That position is much easier. Because the competition is much smaller.

Lowest price ; You must spend money on SEO activities. Activities can quickly become very expensive. By setting a target location, you will pay less.

Less time : Compete for keywords on the first page of Google. You have to wait a year or more. It will take much less time to use geo-targeted campaigns.


How to use geo targeting in SEO

First, geolocation in SEO is both simple and complex. There are some very obvious strategies you can use, including:

Create the correct landing page

Geotargeting keywords can be used for paid advertising and natural search. You must have a location-specific login page.

Try to create one for each location you serve, so by using a local SEO ranking strategy, you can point the link to the right resource.

Use target top-level domain

If you plan to launch your website to serve the local market, this is definitely a strategy you can use.

However, if providing the correct redirection is not a problem for you, here are some things you can consider.

A top-level domain (TLD) is a domain with a location-specific extension, such as .co.UK or .com.au.

This is more important than expected when it comes to the Google search engine in a specific country used by the user.

Refer to less obvious SEO strategies that can be used for geo-targeted campaigns. We can give a few examples:

Listed in the local business directory

For general local search engine optimization, business catalogs for specific regions are more valuable than large catalogs covering the world.

This is especially true when you can focus on the location-specific login page we describe below.

Trade with local companies

The contacts you get from businesses that serve your area are invaluable for marketing campaigns in specific locations.

Especially if they already have good local search engine coverage. Find compromises. You can build and always look for things that are mutually beneficial.


Today, you need geo-targeted SEO. This is very easy when you hire an SEO agency to work on your website.

You should avoid anything, let alone the importance of local search engine optimization, let alone location targeting to help you rank for places that serve customers.

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